YouTube Update: Live Streams Receive a Kick Up A Notch with the New Update

The Scoop: Are you live streaming for your marketing strategy? YouTube update has a little something to improve your live streaming sessions.

Since humans are visually inclined naturally. Marketers take that into account when they are planning their marketing strategy since visuals attract more people.

However, videos trump infographics and still images. This is why videos are becoming more and more essential when it comes to marketing.

Recently, YouTube has announced on their blog about updating their live streaming feature. Here are some of the updates that they implemented for YouTubers who love to live stream.

Chat Replay Enabled

Chat replay
Via YouTube

Live chats during a live stream play an essential role since its the one that enables viewers from all over the world to interact with the YouTuber. Now, YouTube has allowed live chats to be replayed even when the stream is done. The conversations will appear the same moment it did while the stream was live.

More Accessible Streams

YouTube services are available all over the world. However, not all can be accessible to video streaming. Live streams are becoming more convenient with English automatic captions. This gives YouTubers a quick and inexpensive way to make their videos available for everyone.

Using Live Automatic Speech Recognition or LASR technology, the feature will be available in the coming weeks. They will also keep on improving latency and accuracy of automatic captions.

Location Tagging

Location Tagging
Via YouTube

YouTubers can also tag their videos based on their locations, thanks to the new update. This also gives users options in browsing videos that are based on a particular area by selecting the location tag as well as using YouTube filters.

The Better and Improved Live Streaming

Videos are an indispensable resource when it comes to earning through YouTube and supplementing your digital business. Live streams are one of the ways where you can communicate and urge participation from your followers or potential customers.

And YouTube is well aware of that. Rolling out the YouTube update for their live streams is a way to thank you and help their YouTubers. By utilizing the better YouTube update when live streaming, you will be able to improve user experience with your video content.

As a vlogger, business owner or marketer, having this update significantly improve user experience and involvement with your video content. This makes it easier and faster to build a bond and reputation with your viewers.

So what do you think of YouTube’s update for live streaming so far?

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