You in Houston: Halloween 2014 Haunted Houses

Like all cities across the United States, Houston is gearing up for this year’s Halloween. A lot of businesses and other establishments are working on taking advantage of the spooky season through a variety of ways. Currently, haunted houses are either being prepared, or starting to operate: even if the people inside them know they’re fake, this does not stop them from being frightened. Regardless if you’re going with your family (don’t bring kids along though), friends or some of your loved ones, here are some worthwhile haunted houses you would want to visit:

Nightmare on the Bayou: a house of nightmares

One of the premier destinations this Halloween season in Houston is Nightmare on the Bayou, located 1515 Studemont street. Dubbing themselves as the only haunted house in the city that uses REAL GHOSTS, which may be partly true, since it’s located next to Glenwood cemetery. This haunted house isn’t kid -friendly, so going with your 10 year old son or 11 year old daughter inside the premises will require them to see a child psychiatrist in the morning. Going with your college classmates and young adult friends will make the experience worthwhile.

Its attractions include severed body parts, along with decapitated kids’ dolls (which are scarier than Chuckie), along with a wall of skulls and bloody hand prints. However, the scariest part here is it being terrifyingly expensive. Touring any of the two attractions, the Ghosthouse and the Bayou Cemetery, costs $20 while touring both costs $35 (prices do not include sales tax). Regardless, this haunted house is worth the cash: just visit their website and you’ll know why.

Screamworld: prepare to scream

If you’re looking to scream your lungs out, then this haunted house is definitely for you. Reviewed positively by the people who have been here, it has a number of attractions, which are nothing short of awesome – and scary.

Halloween graveyard
photo by Cielo de la Paz
  • First is “The Swamp”, which features high-tech animatronic features.
  • Second is Jake’s Slaughterhouse, which is basically a gory meat processing plant which has a wide array of gutted and skinned animals carcasses, along with meats that are not supposed to be there.
  • Third is the “Edge of Darkness”, which features a haunted hospital, a boiler room, a morgue and a death row prison – all of which are the stuff of our nightmares.
  • Fourth is the Clown Asylum Maze, which, of all things, is composed of evil clowns. And yes, these jesters are scary, especially if you put blood on their makeup. This outdoor attraction features actors using strobe lights and the corridors to their advantage as they hunt you down.
  • Fifth and last, the Zombie Graveyard. If you like fantasizing about zombie apocalypse scenarios, this attraction is for you. It contains a bog, and contains restless creatures that are prowling and waiting for unwary victims

      Tickets are a lot cheaper – dish out $25 and you’ll be able to tour all of the aforementioned attractions!

Happy Halloween Mansion: Houston’s happiest haunted house

Starting at October 13 and ending on October 31, the Children’s Museum of Houston will open the Happy Halloween Mansion, a haunted house geared to cater to kids of all ages. Whereas the above mentioned attractions will make you run for the hills, this attraction actually gives a welcoming ambiance: happy ghosts are there to invite children and their parents inside. It is decorated with all sorts of non-gory attractions, like spiders and all-sorts of things that kids find creepy. Although this event is far from being spooky, visiting it with your kids will be worth your while.

Overall, Halloween is a great tradition, and it would not be complete without haunted houses. Regardless if you’re living in an apartment offered by Urbanside Rentals or if you have your own home, try to step out of its safe confines and get spooked!

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