When Business Cards and Technology Collides

Do they still even exist?

Believe it or not, along with the evolving digital technology over the years, these paper business cards still exist. You can just imagine how a palm-sized card can illuminate the darkest struggles in the realm of business. Yes, it’s a miracle how these cards can still flourish.

However, there are those who do not consider the power of such a simple 3.5”x2” paper card can do. Can you still recall how people exchange information through hand held devices? As far as I could remember, it was in the year 2002, when Palm was released. Then, came the pre-wireless era.  Blackberry came up with those infrared beams to connect with other users. As technology develops, here comes the smartphone and other hand held devices that made the business community in awe. It makes me wonder why business cards became a problem, then.

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So, you exchange these business cards, then what?

I came across with Techrepublic and found something interesting. With the number of applications for mobile devices spurting, a business card reader should definitely amaze entrepreneurs and marketers. The idea on how these reader apps is quite simple. The moment you hand in the card to a potential business partner or client, he scans the information in your card and saves it in his device. So, the next time he wants to contact you, he simply finds your information in his contact list. (sweet!)

Technology may have progressed, but you have to keep in mind that these business paper cards have its reasons to stay in your wallet, bag, or pocket and hand it to your prospect. Other than that, I came up with these few good reasons why this standard paper card thrives.

Reason # 1: It’s something tangible.

No matter how advanced technology is, it still makes a different when you have a piece of ‘something’ in your hand. A card you can hold, feel, touch, and even smell (yes, there are business cards that come with scents). That piece of card you hand in to a prospect can make a great impact to your business. Businesscardking is a great tool online where it can make things easier. 3 steps is all you need to create a business card that would shove all your competitors off. First, you choose a design. Second, you start customizing and adding your information. Lastly, you print it and have it delivered right in your doorstep. Now, you have something to give away.

Reason # 2: A contrast to the typical exchange of data and information.

If not for the apps I presented above, sending contact information through email is susceptible of being lost or deleted, would you agree? But, if you have the card and the app (optional), unimaginable things would happen. In other words, it would be impossible no one would give you a call and talk about your business.

Reason # 3: It starts a conversation.

Imagine having your usual morning cup of Joe at your favorite coffee shop. You meet a familiar face, say your hello’s and exchange information. You grabbed a card from your wallet, handed to him, and the rest is history. Other than you become proud of where you’re at, think about how ethical the situation could be.

So, the next time someone hands in that piece of card, keep it. And the next time you meet your future business partner, grab that card (never leave home without it, by the way), and hand it to him.

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