What?! Ne-yo Wants to Be a Farmer?

This isn’t your average entertainment news. I was shocked looking at the photos of the farmette my favorite R&B singer just bought. TMZ just release some photos of his 2 acre-lot with a pretty sweet country home in the boondocks of Georgia. You may be familiar of the ‘hobby farm’. It’s a jaw-dropping $520,000 worth complete with 5 bedrooms and 3-bath. I can’t imagine what my life would be like if I live in that kind of huge house. Although Ne-yo doesn’t have his plans on what he’s going to do, will he become a farmer or continue his singing career? Who knows? You may have known how he’s been buying homes for his relatives. It was 2 years ago that he bought that $550,000 home for his mom.

Cribs: Big or Small? What’s the Difference?

Unlike the famous R&B singer, young professionals, couples and even students prefer to stay in a home building. These days, staying in an apartment is convenient than staying in their homes in the country. You may have noticed how they search for apartments and design it to make their lives in the city a ‘home’. Why are there people who love to stay in the country? Why are there people who wish to stay in the city? Is there any difference?

Cribs in the Country:

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Let’s face it. We may not know the reasons why Ne-yo bought that home in the boondocks, but most people prefer to stay where the air is fresh and a neighborhood that is peach and quiet. Some country homes may have large spaces, yet it’s not easy to maintain.

Cribs in the City:

On the other hand, homes in the city are well-maintained. In other words, staying in a home building gets you rid of the hassles of security and maintenance. Although I am not saying that staying in the city would only leave you no option, but to stay in an apartment. Rather, when talking about the space, this is where the problem arises. You have to admit, there’s not enough room. Well, you may opt to buy a larger home, but it may cost you more.

A Simple Solution

Now, I understand why they call home designers as superheroes. Albeit if you design your home on your own it would not look exactly how it would. Hiring a professional will make everything just perfect. I came across with Denca (a company in Canada that designs even to the last detail of your home) where they have provided great and exquisite designs for homes. Whether it is a home with a small or larger space, it wouldn’t be a problem. It all lies in the right furnishings, items, and even to the color of the paint. Yes, every single detail matters. Professionals know how to meet your needs. They have their own secret in putting things in the right place so your house would perfectly just your ‘home’. You don’t have to become an R&B singer to have such a home that would make you in awe. It’s all about designing your house and call it your own home.

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