What Apps Your K-pop Idols Are Using? Download The Apps Now!

The Scoop: Have you ever wondered what kind of apps your favorite Korean idols have on their phones? Well, wonder no more and download these apps your K-pop idols are using right now!

Tik Tok

Tik Tok is an app that allows users to create short videos that are powered by music. Feel free to let your imagination show and create amazing videos just like your favorite idols. Check out what they did and be inspired!

Try the app for yourself! Get it for Android and iOS and show off your own creations. Who knows, your favorite idol might notice it.


Love expressing yourself through videos? Preserve special moments in your life and spice them up! Share your creations as well as discover what other people made, especially your favorite K-pop idols. Just like these following K-pop idols who shared their experiences through the app.

Download the app from Google PlayStore or iTunes, try it out and express yourself as well! You might want to practice your aegyu.


Snow App is like Snapchat. Only this app is more focused on Asian audience. So if you are looking for the Snapchat where your K-pop idols will be, then Snow is the perfect place to start. Watch and learn from the wonderful creations they did.

Want to share your own fun, cute, and hilarious photo from Snow? Get it for your Android and iOS.


Granted that Subsmash has been for so long, however, it still doesn’t lose its shine to some of our favorite K-pop idols. The app is very easy to use by performing your best through lip-synching your favorite songs. Our K-pop idols shared their best performance as well. Check them out!

Get your best lip-synching performance ready and prop up that phone cause you can also try it by downloading it from Google PlayStore and iTunes.


Want to be updated with your K-pop artists? Do you want it live? Then look no further than V-Live. This app lets your favorite K-pop personalities to broadcast live videos in real-time! Here are some of the K-pop artists that you can follow in the app.


Join and Connect

It is now easy and possible to be able to connect to the stars through the apps your K-pop idols are using. Join their community and be able to discover more of what they share firsthand.

So what app does your favorite K-pop personalities use?

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