5 of the Weirdest VR Games So Far in 2018

The Scoop: There are tons of games that are released and developed all over the world. Due to this, games are a healthy mix of awesome, cool, cute and more for various genres and platforms. However, it can’t be helped that there will be weird ones on the premises as well. Check out the weirdest VR games so far!

The future is among us and into the gaming world as well. How? Virtual Reality. Have you ever wondered when playing those first-person shooters on what would it be like to really experience the game? Well, wonder no more because of VR and its games.

This is one of those gaming experiences that really gives you the experience of being in the game right there and then. Can be considered as a premature idea for the development of The Matrix, right?

However, even the VR is also not safe from the weirdness and wacky side of people plus the influence of the internet. Check out the weirdest VR games that you can play.

Butts: The VR Experience

If you think that anime is the only place where you get a view of those bubble butts, then think again. Butts is a short VR animation where you get to witness two people that are in a magical and colorful dream. The game shows love, trust, and freedom. Despite the weirdness of the game, many people are happy with it giving it positive results in Steam. Bet you can’t watch this without cracking a smile.

Check it out for yourself on Steam or for your Oculus.

Alien Makeout Simulator

alien makeout simulator
Via YouTube

Yes, you heard or read that right. This is a VR game where you get to makeout with an alien. Don’t get any ideas because the game aims more on the silly side rather than the perverted side. The name of the game is to makeout with as many alien lips as possible before the time runs out. This game also supposedly “measures” your kissing capabilities. Don’t fall in love or you’ll end up with a broken heart though.

Are you up to the task? Challenge yourself by getting it here.

Dumpy: Going Elephants

Sometimes, there comes a time in our lives where we get to envision ourselves being someone or something else. If you had the time to envision yourself as an elephant, then you might as well enjoy the experience. Dumpy: Going Elephants is the fix that you need. You play as an elephant in this trippy VR game and wreck havoc in the colorful psychedelic land with your hand dandy trunk.

Want to get in touch with your inner elephant? Have at it here!

1st Person Tripper

Via Glass Apps Source

Do you like optical illusions? If yes, then this game is for you. What makes this weird is that even though you know that all the things are in the virtual world, you can experience the optical illusions working on like it does in real life. By walking around in a museum full of optical illusions, you will be able to realize the amazing capabilities of VR games. Additionally, you will also get your fill of your favorite optical illusions as well.

Get going and start your tour here.

Pants Pants Revolution

We have all played Dance Dance Revolution and those rhythm games are always so charming when you jam to your tunes. However, have you thought about playing a rhythm game like that in VR? Better yet, maybe play a rhythm game which involves in taking off your pants? That’s right, Pants Pants Revolution is a rhythm game where you remove your pants to the beat which is inspired by YouTuber MowtenDoo and the meme Pants Guy.

Refine those pants-removing skills and try them from here.

Weird VR Games? Game On!

Surprising games, popular games, horror games, what’s the difference between having weird games and normal ones when you want to have fun? That’s the spirit of games, making people have fun and enjoy their time with the games that they are playing regardless of the genre or platform. Get your game on and maybe try to have some weird and wacky fun with these weirdest VR games.

So so you have a weird VR game to share?

For more games and tech talk, check us out!

Featured Image: The Verge

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