Web Myths: Online Marketing Tips That Are Pure Garbage

Web marketing is closely associated with web development and design: one cannot simply exist and thrive without the other. The number one goal of most websites nowadays – especially e-commerce websites – is to drive traffic and to sell. At times, how you fare online determines the success and downfall of your business; if you do well, you will receive a lot of profit, but if you fare poorly and all of your resources will be put to waste.

In order for you NOT to be the latter, we will talk about some web marketing tips you need to exclude from your plan. Keep in mind that these are pure garbage and using them could either waste your time, or prove detrimental to your cause.

#1. Keywords are everything

Keywords aren’t everything. [image source: Addpeople.co.uk]

We all know how keywords are vital in your web marketing campaign. These are the terms used by users to search for queries in search engine websites, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. When all you’ve done is insert a couple of these into your web content, then you’re obviously doing something wrong. Keywords aren’t everything and it takes more than putting “a couple of them” into your content in order to render them effective. Aside from which, let’s dismiss the notion that these terms are EVERYTHING in search engine optimization and web marketing: Google and the other search engines discourage keyword spamming, are using link-based crawling mechanisms and take into consideration a number of factors, including how good your web content is.

In order for keywords to be effective, PROPER and IN-DEPTH research must be done. You need to determine which ones are relevant to what you’re offering, have a high search volume and if the competition is using them.

#2. Web design is secondary

Web design is a priority. [image source: Chooseenergy.com]

Let’s keep this simple: nothing is secondary when it comes to designing and developing your website. Hiring a competent web development company like Nerder Nation is a must in this case, especially if you want to be competitive in the Internet. When someone tells you that your goal is to primarily drive traffic and it’s ok to have a design straight out of the 90s, then turn a deaf ear to their words. If your web marketing campaign did manage to garner ample traffic, what is the most likely scenario if your web design isn’t up to par with your users’ standards? You will most likely have a high bounce rate (number of users exiting the website after viewing just one page) and won’t get referrals, shares or transactions. Your SEO and marketing wouldn’t matter if your website’s design is horrible, so be sure to look for imperfections and have it changed right away!

#3. You don’t need money to succeed online

You need to spend money online in order to succeed [image source: lifehacker.com]

The world is a cruel place, and in order to be considered a success story, you either need a lot of money or possess extraordinary talents and abilities. Unless if you’re a gifted online marketer or strategist, invest in SEO and web marketing services. If you don’t have the expertise, hire people who have the skills to do the job for you. If you’re going to do the campaign yourself, you’ll most likely end up doing it wrong and won’t see results despite your best efforts.

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