Ways To Look Stunning and Gorgeous Like These Tall Celebrities


Bothered by your gigantic height? Oh, that’s no problem sweetie. Chin up and embrace your tallness. There’s more opportunity that you can get if you are one. And for girls like you who want to look trendy and fashionable these days, there are lots of ways to dress up to stand out in the crowd. Be dashing and get the fashion statement of these tall celebrities!

Lace Wrap Dress


Flaunt out your long figure by wearing a sexy lace up dress! Since that your height makes you look lean and slim in some way, why not emphasize it more with this silky item? Let your lovely locks fall down your neck and shoulders to look ravishing and sexy just like what Taylor looks like in the picture. Pair it up with sexy pumps for more sensual effect!



Since that women value comfort and fashion, why not wear it both with sexy jumpsuit? If you are on the skinny tall side then you can pick out colors that are bright or dark. Achieve the style by checking out the outfit of Iron Man star’s leading lady named Gwyneth Paltrow. For more accent, you can try looping it out with a sparkling belt. This outfit really works best if you are tall and have skinny legs.

Taffeta Sequined Dress

Don’t know what to do with your mom’s taffeta dress? Spice it up by adding some sequins in it! Check out Fifty Shades’ female lead star Dakota Johnson. Now for tall gals out there, you probably have an idea how to look dashing and sultry next year as the most anticipated erotica trilogy film hits the cinema in February.

Maxi skirt


Now, if you still wanted to wear the maxi style even on ordinary days, then you can still flaunt it outdoors by wearing the skirt. You can choose a loose top for some comfort. Imitate the style of J.Law for example. It’s one good way of showing off your skinny, shiny legs to the max! Pair it up with cool aviators to achieve that celebrity effect!

Long Tunic Dress


Want to show off some skin with your tall physique? Then go all sexy and bold by wearing a long tunic dress! The best ones are often cut low in the cleavage part. See Victoria’s Secret angel, Adriana Lima. Choose colors that are quitely dark like the plum one. You can either wear it with pumps or flats. You are blessed with height anyway. But for others who are lacking with it, then there are ways to grow faster and taller in height with several alternatives.

Black Jeans


It’s obvious that black jeans would look good for everyone who wears it. But rejoice for tall girls out there. Jeans look amazingly great especially when you’re on the skinny slim side. And if there’s one good example with this one, then check out Victoria’s Secret angel Miranda Kerr. Now a mother, this woman still looks stunning and gorgeous more than ever in black jeans and tall pumps.

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