5 Things to Watch Out for When Connecting to Free Wi-Fi

The Scoop: Internet is one of the most wonderful things that technology can offer. With it, you can have almost anything at your fingertips from ordering food to communicating worldwide. Free internet sound heaven right? However, here are some of the things you should watch out for when using free Wi-Fi.

Internet has become one of the essential components of technology that makes everything cooler, more manageable and just plain amazing. However, one of the problems of it is that not all can access it. But wait! What about free and public Wi-Fis? A dream come true, right? Now you have free access to the internet and get connected anywhere, anytime.

However, don’t be fooled because if you think it’s too good to be true, it probably is. This is because hackers love public Wi-Fi’s because they can hack their way into your device and steal important information.

Here are some of the things to watch out for when connecting to public Wi-Fis and the possible dangers they can give.

Keep an Eye Out for HTTPS


You can never go wrong with a website having that green https next to the website’s domain name. If Twitter and YouTube verify their users among all other users that get to fake their usernames and personas online, the internet has https. There are some sites that replicate famous websites only for the sole purpose of farming information from you. Therefore, you should always check if the website has https to know if its the real deal.

Turn Off Wi-Fi Connection When Not in Use


When not in use, you should turn off your Wi-Fi. Other than it can help you conserve your device’s battery, you can also avoid being caught by surprise when your phone connects to a free Wi-Fi. You never know that while in your pocket, hackers are already taking your information through the connection of the free Wi-Fi from your device.

Avoid Internet Purchases As Much As Possible

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Even if you are using a website that is in https, don’t. It’s too much risk to take and you only don’t have the hackers to contend with but also the people in the public place you are in. Your financial account is too important to be able to trade it in for free yet dubious Wi-Fi. It is recommended that you do that using your personal internet.

Know the Name Game

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Don’t be fooled by Wi-Fi names. Especially for those named with “Free Wi-Fi Here” and “Free Public Wi-Fi”. Those names don’t sound desperate at all and are pretty normal, alright(not!). Also, take note of the spellings of a cafe Wi-Fi. It may just be a fake network that copies the name to get you to connect.

Bring Your Own Wi-Fi

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To make sure that you are safe and sound from all of these risks, here is a fool-proof plan that you can definitely do. Bring and use your own Wi-Fi. Not only that you will have excellent connection and speed, you will also be safe from hackers since you can monitor your Wi-Fi activities.

Be Safe and Protect Your Information

Another important thing to remember when on the internet. Trust no one unless you really know them in real life. The internet is a place where people can be whoever they want and are more than capable of cheating on you or troll you when given a chance. So always be on alert when interacting online.

So what other safety precautions do you do when connecting to free Wi-Fi?

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