Warning! Trick or Treating Can Be a Risk for Your Kids

Woohoo! 2 weeks more and it’s going to be Halloween. There’s no stopping now.

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It’s the time of the year.

Tis the night to be scared? Ah! Those were the days. I remember those times when my brother and I scared our neighbors to death. (Indeed, he was!) You can’t believe what he did. Sure, he went home scared. But little did we know he only went home to get something. He took a pistol and shouted at the top of his lungs that he will certainly shoot whoever that is who gave him a fright. To our shock, we all hid in our home and just took a peek on what he did next. That was pretty scary, huh? After that, he left, we absolutely had a happy Halloween.

Now that we have grown, it is time for the next generation to have the time of their life to enjoy a once a year event. Reminiscing the days that were, scares me a bit. You have to ensure their safety. Parents and adults should be responsible for these kids to be safe on the roads and even in the home to be safe and away from danger and risk during Halloween.

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Trick or Treat?


Children are the most susceptible to injuries (whether serious or minor) during this time of the year. Kids walk in the streets wearing their costumes can be fun. However, there are times when people, most of all, the parents fail to see the risks. Did you know that there are more cases of children brought to the hospital during this night than in any ordinary evening? These kids only went for those sweet treats every time they visit each neighbor. They didn’t come knocking on your door to incur injuries. So, how do you keep them safe?

Simple Safety Tips During Halloween

  • The Purpose of Flash LightsYou have to keep in mind that kids are pedestrians too. There are quite a number of pedestrian collision cases during this time of the year. As a rule of the thumb in driving, you have to be mindful of everyone on the road. In the event when a motorist failed to see a kid crossing the street can be dangerous. I know I am not yet a parent myself, but every time I let my nephews and nieces go for trick or treating, I always let them bring with them their own flashlights. Most probably, that’s one of the reasons why these lights are invented. If possible, let them wear those costumes with reflective tapes.
  • Their Costumes Mean a LotTrick or treating is not complete without their costumes. There has to be costumes that are safe for these kids. In order to prevent them from the risk of eye injuries, you can opt not to buy those costumes with sharp objects. Choose those costumes made from soft materials. This should keep them away from hazards. Moreover, don’t let them wear those flammable costumes. Otherwise, they will have a higher risk of fire injuries. You wouldn’t want your kids to be hurt during this night. You can let them enjoy those glow sticks instead.

Safety should be your no. 1 concern.

Halloween is one of the most popular holidays of the year. There’s no one to blame. All you need is to keep everyone safe during this event. On the other hand, if inevitable incidents occur, keep 911 ready and your lawyer’s number. I still could recall what happened back then, if someone would get hurt, there has to be someone who would be responsible for the injuries and damages incurred. In case you do not know how to go about protecting your rights, never hesitate to discuss it with your lawyer. Accidentattorneyhelp listens to their client’s concerns and provide directions on their way out.

Be safe on the roads. Enjoy and have a Happy Halloween!

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