Video Game Universes You’d Want (or Don’t Want) to Live In

Let’s say something funny happened, like you being transported into a certain video game universe in your current state. We’ve all imagined being Link in the Legend of Zelda, or the 8-bit kid in the Pokemon games series – and it’s seriously fun just thinking about these scenarios.

Anyway, what are some video game universes you would want to live in or avoid like a plague? Well, here are some of the most notable ones:

The World of Minecraft


In simpler terms, Minecraft is the Lego of video games. It allows you to chart the wilderness and create worlds of your own, one block at a time. Living there wouldn’t be a breeze though, considering that you’ll need to build your own home, and at the same time, face creepy monsters that appear at night.

Chances of Survival: High. If you like the outdoors, you’ll thrive.

The Left 4 Dead Universe

A few seconds later, Nick learned that he should never have opened the door.
A few seconds later, Nick learned that he should never have opened the door.

Though you’re probably raring to try your hand out in surviving a zombie apocalypse, we’re pretty sure you wouldn’t want to live in the Left 4 Dead universe. You’ll take the place of Bill, Francis, Zoey or Louis and will face not only sprinting zombies, but also ones with special capabilities. These undead include, the Smoker, Boomer, Charger, the Witch, and the Tank.

Chances of Survival: Congrats if you survived 10 minutes out on the streets.

The Pokemon World


Pokemon defined the childhoods of most gamers. All of the released games have been a huge hit, and every self-respecting Nintendo gamer has bought a title in each Pokemon generation. Well hey, who wouldn’t want to raise animals capable of electric shocks and breathing fire only to have them duke out in the Pokemon League?

Chances of Survival: Given that Pokemon is a kid-friendly universe and one adults still dream of being in, you’ll be fine.

Skyrim: TES V Universe


No you’re not the Dovakhiin, you’re just an person from the 21st century who just found himself in the middle of the plains of Whiterun. You’ve suddenly plunged yourself in a world facing a civil war with dragons/wyverns flying about. Good luck facing giants, mammoths, wolves, and the undead. Oh yeah, you’ll also get to fight giant spiders, spirits, fireball-throwing witches, and crazed bandits looking to loot your corpse.

Chances of Survival: Unless if you’re some sort of combat and arms expert, you’re not going to make it far. Your best bet would be to suck it up, seek audience with Jarl Balgruuf the Elder, and ask his help. Or you could go chop firewood for Gerdur in Riverwood in exchange for a roof and a cot to sleep on.

Rapture: Bioshock


Arguably one of the best video game universes in this list, Rapture was supposed to be a utopia: an objectivist society free from governments and religion, where every man can pursue their goals without having to worry about intervention. However, this dream city built by Andrew Ryan turned into a nightmare as it was then riddled with corruption.

Chances of Survival: If you’re a revolutionary industrialist, then you’ll do well overall. However, after a gene splicing experiment, the inhabitants turned into a disfigured population of crazed and murderous maniacs. You’re better off staying in the surface.

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona Universe


For context, let’s say you’ve been transported into the Persona 4 world. You became a Japanese high school student overnight, and you’re enjoying life in the sleepy town of Inaba. Suddenly, the town was rocked by two murders, and you and your friends were suddenly given the power to go into the TV world (it’s a long story) and fight off “shadows” (the game’s version of monsters) and save people who were thrown into it by the culprit.

Chances of Survival: Although the Persona series has some dark and dramatic elements, the tones are mostly light and optimistic. Regardless, you’ll likely survive and enjoy forming “social links” with the people around you! The Persona games are one of the best RPGs out there, so it’s no surprise why a lot of people are anticipating the next installment!

Others notable video game worlds include the Fallout, Legend of Zelda, Red Alert, and the Ace Combat universes.


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