Top Tech Trends for Businesses to Keep an Eye Out for in 2019

Innovations in technology are changing the way the human brain thinks and works. Inventions that were once impossible and outside of our consciousness is moving into the very realm of reality.

 It’s evident that technology is evolving at such a rapid pace. Businesses are automated regularly, new tech gadgets are launched every passing day, virtual artificial assistance is taking care of our work for us and whatnot. 

 The speed at which companies are introducing IT solutions, in the market, technology released a month ago starts to seem out-dated, instantly. As workplaces are transforming due to this digital evolution, it’s necessary to stay current, learn, accept and practice these technology trends. Because they make processes faster, reliable and safe. 

Here are eight technology trends you should be aware of in 2019. Because it’s time to teach and train yourself for one of these emerging techs. 

1- Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

artificial intelligence vs tech

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has already received a lot of buzz in recent years. Implausible technologies that we see today only existed in the far-flung corners of our genius minds or in the pages of sci-fi novels or seen in the movies. 

AI innovation has now become the hottest tech trends for the world to witness. It impacts how humans live, work, and think. It can replicate human intelligence to perform certain tasks such as speech, recognition of visuals, etc.

Then there are Humanoid Cognitive Robots that learn from imitating humans. The concept of a conscious machine is intriguing, but producing such a machine is challenging.

Additionally, other applications of AI have also developed, including Machine Learning. It enables the system to access data and use it to automatically learn and improve itself from training without being programmed.

Humans use automated AI services in order to make life easy and simple including various mobile applications and services. Many companies are using intelligent software for productivity tracking such as Stafftimer App. This time-tracking software is developed from a blend of artificial intelligence, and machine learning that is not only easy to use but at the same time immaculately intelligent. 

2. Automation

Along with AI and Machine learning, we have entered an era of automation in different industries. Robotics Process automation is taking a dominant position in the world. 

 We can see autonomous cars, fighting robots and drones all in the spotlight and having a good reputation. With the development of AI, autonomous machines are getting more and more intelligent to interact and establish relationships with things around them, no matter how complex the system is.

Self-driven cars can now recognize images and track routes based on geolocation, can follow commands using voice recognition capability, robots can now deliver pizza, 3D printers can print real objects and so much more. This advancement of technology is only here to provide convenience and comfort to people, whereas many will disagree and that’s debatable.

 These technologies seem to be changing the business landscape and in 2019, it will be no different, robots working alongside humans will continue to grow and bring upgrades to robotic automation and become more significant.

3. AR V/S VR

Undoubtedly, VR is one of the most significant achievements of our generation. In the next upcoming years, it will remain at the forefront of attention, bringing some really cool practical applications for companies all around the globe. 

AR/VR once found in video gaming alone, is now quickly evolving and advancing to become the most prominent tool in engineering, design, healthcare and many other industries. In 2019, Virtual Reality is going to open up innovative opportunities for industrial applications that will change how people work and collaborate.

Also,  AR will change the spheres of marketing and advertising in the upcoming year. AR provides a totally personal experience, thus customers’ engagement is skyrocketing. Sooner than later AR software will become a key to the transformation worldwide.

4. An era of Chatbots

As we have seen major transformations in the field of technology, we can confidently say that 2019 is the year of chatbots. More and more companies are using this application over the past few years.  According to Gartner’s forecast, by 2020 organizations will succeed in capturing 85% of customer contact with technology. 

era of chatbots in technology

Chatbots have evolved into important tools for businesses and industries and are among the most visible applications of AI technology. Chatbots are machines that can mimic human interaction and intelligence. It makes the computer display human characteristics. Also, chatbots are everywhere to create a better and seamless user experience and help drive value to businesses. 

 It’s just the beginning of the chatbot era, yet to meet its full potential. 

5. Growing Block-chain Solutions

 Now, this is something really delightful for organizations, in 2019. Block-chain is one of the most innovative applications in active use. Many companies are working on blockchain-based projects to bring value and improve collaboration. 

 It has become an integral part of the business platform and creates transparency across various business functions associated with financial transactions. 

 Moreover, blockchain is more secure than other financial systems that involve record keeping. In block-chain, the information is secured and stored across a network of computers, making it hard for hackers to breach sensitive data.  Block-chain solutions are changing the way how critical information is shared, thus helping in fraud prevention and unauthorized activities.

6. Internet of things

 It is quite evident that IoT is a growing tech trend. IoT impacts everything in our lives from the way we shop to the way we travel.

 The Internet of Things is the concept of connecting any device to the Internet and to other connected devices. IoT is a huge network of connected things and people. For example, smart devices that take you to your destination without getting lost, cooking appliances that cook food for you, self-driving cars that need no driver to steer them. All of this and so much more, connected with each other via the internet. 

 In 2019 the IoT capabilities are expected to have a major shift in how people experience the connected world altogether.

7. Data protection regulations

 One of the most highlighted tech trends, according to garter in its top 10 technology trend for 2019 was cybersecurity. 

 Undoubtedly, with increasing advancements in technology, there comes a need to protect our businesses from online attacks. Many countries are stepping up their game and introducing tight online security measures. Europe has GDPR enforcement. China is likely to come up with its own rules and regulations for data privacy and security.

 We can not predict the future of security. With more connectivity across devices means more vulnerability when it comes to security. With new technology and trends comes new, rules and regulations, roles and opportunities. There is a need to optimize security and governments are working in that direction. 

The bottom line is…

 In the course of the past few years, the way people live, think, work and collaborate with each other has been transformed considerably. The human focus has shifted from manual to upgraded, more advanced technologies, rapidly influencing human life. 

There would be no exaggeration to say that technology has become an essential part of our day to day lives. Therefore, there is a need to develop safe spaces where the physical environment and technologies can successfully coexist and efficiently interact. 

A post by: is an AI-driven time tracking solution that uses artificial intelligence to assist employers with real-time team monitoring. It also offers advanced and intelligent reporting and task assignment via voice clips. Staff Timer Application is a relatively young one into the market but has caught on to the ongoing trends quite quickly.

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