Top Search Terms in 2014: As Revealed by Google

Before the year ends, Google had finally revealed the list of the trending search terms for the year 2014. It has included the worldwide issues, events and challenges that has mainly affected the whole world. Many might be guessing its all about, Ebola, the world cup, mobile apps, ice bucket challenge, and even selfies. You are definitely right because what you might be guessing are included in the list.


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We are all aware of the Ebola outbreak which had started in Guinea and spread to other neighboring countries and with some separated cases in Spain and U.S. People had become too interested and more of the people around the world had searched for the term to gather news and updates. Many had also wondered about the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 and the crisis and political questions like ‘history of gaza’ and ‘history of crimea’.


world cup
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The world cup 2014 had been one of the top searched sorting event of the year. Some events like the winning of the Seahawks over Real Madrid but more of the people searched for the Kings of Europe which is the Real Madrid. Searched updates also included: Schumacher, Olympic story, 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics and Hockey.


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Many had been searching about phones, more likely Apple, Samsung and Nexus for the year 2014. Many had been also involved with wearable technology and lightweight HD cameras, as well as the emergence of remote-controlled consumer drones.


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Mostly of the people had been searching about movies, day to day life happenings like in the universe, mobile applications and many more. People had used the term moon frequently this year because of the two lunar eclipses in April and October. They also searched for ‘nasa’ hoping to discover more about the issue. It’s funny to know that people more searches for foods of each countries rather than the country or event itself. It is more of pizza, French food, Argentine food, and Indian food. Many had been fond of the game flappy bird and become disappointed of its sudden removal. The young creator of the game, Dong Nguyen had taken the game offline due to its addictive nature. Many are also inquiring for Destiny which is a multiplayer video game developed by Bungie. People were even curious in movies and uses the terms: Frozen, McConaissance , travoltify your name, Jlaw, Woody Allen, Solomon Northup, and Bollywood. Dating and love applications were also mainly searched. Even the ice bucket challenge has once fascinated the people around the world and many cannot get over from selfies.

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2014 was indeed a collection of hot and steaming news and event all over the world. The result of Google’s trending searches only states that all the people around the world has something in similarity. That is being able to cope with what is the latest and what is new. The year is ending and you surely enjoyed the whole year with full of knowledge and entertainment. Those many challenges, failures, discovery, victory and many more had affected the lives of the people around the world but only one thing is certain: we are able to survive and we are ready to welcome the year 2015.

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