Top 3 Weird Sightings from Google Maps You Should Check Out

The Scoop: Technology has given us more than we can ever imagine. Although it had given us the key to unlocking the secret of what the past can’t figure out. However, will we also unlock more than we bargained for? Like these weird sightings from Google Maps.

Google Maps has become an integral part of people’s lives. This made navigation easier and saves people the time to fumble with physical maps while traveling. What’s more, you will be able to get your directions by listening to your virtual assistant. Isn’t technology a lifesaver?

However, since technology is our key to improve our lives, it also opened the door towards the mysteries of the world.

Here are the top 3 weird sightings caught on Google Maps.

Giant Pentagram


Having the form of a pentagram so big that it is shown on the satellites outside of Earth is very impressive. Either those demon worshippers are so diligent or they got a lot of time on their hands to be able to make this is also impressive. Unless it wasn’t made by human. However, on the bright side, if you are getting tired of worshipping evil, you can always unwind and take a break at that Estrella establishment.


Spiral On the Desert

Desert Breath

Crop circles are a thing of the past and do you think the aliens are going to be sticking to that method? They are too advanced to be staying on the same trend. Therefore, desert circles are the new thing! However, kidding aside, this is not made by aliens. This is a beautiful art that is called Desert Breath. Check out more of those pics here.



Why is it called an islandception? It is an island on a lake in an island on a lake in an island. Did any of you get that? Taal Volcano Island is also considered one of the biggest islands in a lake other than being an island inception. It is also one of the famous tourist spots which makes it accessible for you to see it for yourself.

Tech Paved a Way for New Discovery

Technology is not perfect. It has its share of advantages and disadvantages. Without it, will we ever get to find out about these weird, amazing and stunning sightings from our very own world?

So what weird sighting have you discovered on Google Maps?

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