Top 3 Technological Inventions that Will Change Our Lives in 2019

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Does anyone else marvel at how fast technology develops these days? Some of them may have been an ongoing construction and improvement since three years ago. But the final products coming out now are so jaw-dropping that we can’t help but tell you about it.

From jetpacks and flying cars only ever seen on children’s cartoons and movies before; to holograms that open all sorts of possibilities for tech-savvy people and all manner of gamers. (Yu-Gi-Oh holograms made by the Kaiba Corporation are a thing now people).

Today, we’ll give you the top 3 amazing technological inventions that can change our lives in 2019.

Helicopters, airplanes, flying drones. Make way for jetpack aviation! Remember when as a kid we used to watch these cool cartoon characters fly around using jetpacks? Well, thanks to Australian CEO David Mayman and his team of talented people, we now have an electric jetpack.

The JB11 JetPack is the most advanced model yet. It’s capable of flying at 200mph at heights of more than 10,000 feet. It weighs 50kg and is strapped to the back of the pilot. Get ready to take off at the push of a button. That’s all thanks to the world’s first vertical take-off and landing system.

Well, I guess making grand entrances to huge events on a jetpack is now a thing.

And if jetpacks aren’t enough of a thrill for you, maybe the Zapata Flyboard Air would be more your jam. This baby is the brainchild of former world champion jet skier turned inventor, Franky Zapata. This flying Segway packs 4 turbines, 1,000 bhp & the potential to crack 200 kph. It’s not out for public retail yet, but the formulation of these techs open an opportunity where authorities and civilians alike can make great use of it.

Bet you didn’t think flying cars would come so soon. Well, they’re almost here, and we’ve made it, folks! Although, they’re not so much flying cars as they are cute airplanes, drones, and helicopters, but it’s a start.

We’ve got three of these to show you today, and first up on the list is none other than one of our own. Koncepto Millenya — as evident from the name of the flying car itself — was created by a Filipino inventor. The planned electric manned aerial vehicles will be able to seat up to 2 passengers with a combined weight of 200 kilos and fly for up to an hour. Kudos to inventor Kyx Mendiola.

Passenger drone Ehang 184 is now in the public eye, and has gone through several tests. Color the rest of us impressed. The Ehang 184 is an all-electric passenger drone that can carry a single passenger up to 10 miles. That’s roughly 23 minutes of flying. What’s more? The person in the cockpit doesn’t even have to pilot the thing. Just input your destination and enjoy the ride. And despite its early successful test flights, Ehang is still making improvements to the aircraft.

Airbus, Audi, and their subsidiary Italdesign launched a model of their flying electric car Pop Up Next. It’s a cab-drone hybrid that can run up to 62 mph. It relies on a 15kwh battery for an 81-mile range.

Do you remember back in the day when holograms in Yu-Gi-Oh and other cartoons were a thing? Well, holograms are now among us, folks. And no — CEO Seto Kaiba didn’t make them.

But Microsoft sure as hell did…

The Microsoft HoloLens is the company’s holographic, augmented reality headset. It promises awesome holographic experience to its users. It also comes with an onboard processing via Intel 32 bit architecture. It has a GPU, an HPU backed by 2GB RAM, and a 64GB onboard storage.

Many reviews across the internet praised the HoloLens’ resolution in terms of picture, video quality, and audio. It’s bound to give gamers a sensational gaming experience.

And if you can’t wait to get your hands on this sweet piece of tech, it’s available for developers to buy at the ungodly price of 3,000 US dollars.

But with all the opportunities it offers, it’s no wonder developers are welcoming the HoloLens with open and willing arms.

With all this new tech coming out, we’re all pretty positive that the future, ladies and gentlemen, is at our fingertips. Almost.

So what do you think about these new technologies coming out very soon? Tell us in the comments. And please give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it. Tap that bell icon and subscribe to stay updated with all of our latest videos. Thanks so much for watching. We’ll catch ya next time!

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