Top 3 Free Action Games from Gameloft That Will Awaken the Knight in You

The Scoop: Feeling chivalrous and heroic enough to save kingdoms from the Middle Ages? Here are the top 3 free action games from Gameloft that will make you feel like a knight in Medieval times.

The Medieval times are undoubtedly one of the most popular genres of games there is. Not only that it brings up a heap of the past’s customs and places, it also offers a dash of fantasy such as magic and magical monsters.

Now, who wouldn’t want to go on a quest asked by royalty to investigate a dark castle and get to face dragons using magic? If that really exist, you can see me jumping in without thought. Of course, that could mean my death, but the beauty of games is that there are no game overs.

Well, there are. However, you can always restart. Therefore, if you are feeling heroic and up to the task to raid castles and kills monsters, check the top 3 free action games from Gameloft that you can get and play now!

Iron Blade

Iron Blade
Via Gameloft

Darkness is threatening to take over the world. No one can dictate who can be a hero and you must grab a sword and become one yourself. Play as Damian, a Templar Knight, avenge your corrupt and fallen brothers and vanquish the evil that Demon Lord Baal unleashes on your path.

Get to face hordes of evil entities that threats the peace of the world. Develop your own fighting style and hit some awesome combos on your opponents. Collect magical powers and upgrade weapons to bring major hurt. And you can also compete with other players as well!

Save the world from the Demon Lord through your iOS, Android, or PC.

March of Empires

March of Empires
Via Gameloft


Become a King, a Tsar or a Sultan and create your kingdom. However, there is no room for so many rulers in an empire. Improve your kingdom by strengthening your army, reinforce your facilities and become powerful.

Showcase your tactical skills by sending out your army and defeat world map encounters as well as raid other kingdoms for their resources. However, know which battles to fight, sometimes becoming strong also need some help from allies. Be the one to command and conquer the land from opponents.

Build your army and conquer your enemies with your PCiOS or Android.

Rival Knights

Rival Knights
Via Gameloft

Not everything in the Middle Ages includes war and bloodshed. Become a knight without having to go through all-out war. Jousting is one of the biggest sports that you can participate in during Medieval times. Get a mount, ready your lance and charge to your opponents to victory!

Control your speed and strike to the perfect spot on your opponent to send them off their steed and climb the top of the big leagues. Earn riches and challenge yourself against stronger opponents as well as improve your equipment for better chances of winning!

Mount up and ride to glory and fame with Rival Knights on iOS and Android.

Onwards to Battle and Be a Hero!

The Middle Ages were indeed a time to behold. Now you get to experience the fantastic world of the past through these free games! A touch of magic won’t hurt to make the experience even better. Technology really puts two of our favorite things together to create a wonderful experience for both the real and fantasy world.

Live the life of the Knight and begin your adventure!

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