Top 3 Things Content Marketer Must Know Regarding AI

The Scoop: Artificial Intelligence is running amok from desktops to mobile, to business jobs, especially content marketing. However, what are the things content marketer must know with regards to AI? And what is the relevance of AI in content marketing?

Artificial is old news. However, you can still feel the hotness that it urges from the crowd. It has been implemented in life, health, technology, and business. Especially in marketing such as Search Engine Optimization or SEO and content marketing.

They have the abilities that no human can do at the same speed and efficiency that AI can. Due to this fact, there has been reports and news that AI is taking the spotlight when it comes to content marketing. Is this going to be the cause to make content marketers fear AI?

Here are the top three answers to the questions that plague content marketers with regards to AI.

You Are Not Being Replaced

AI and Man

This is the answer to the incessant questions if AI has the power to replace them from their jobs. The answer is no. Even if technology is going to be capable of doing almost everything, the audience that business is catering to is human.

AI and technology’s purposes are to assist human task to be able to produce a higher quality end product for consumers. Therefore, don’t just pack up your things and leave, human input and resources are still essential even in the presence of AI.

Be Open and Adaptive

tech and plug

There is no definite way on how you will be able to adjust your usual work with an AI around. It all depends on your role in your company and what the AI’s part is going to be. Be open-minded and adaptive to changes such as AI to be able to make the transition easier for you. Along with that, the time that is spent also contributes to making yourself adjust to the new strategy with AI.

AI Improves Content Marketing Results

ai and strategy


As mentioned before, human input is really essential. This is due to the demand that genuine and non-automated content is expected from companies. The people are smart and they would know whether a content was made by a robot or not.

By letting machines help in with assisting human content writers, completion and delivery of articles are enhanced along with quality. This will significantly improve a company’s content marketing strategy that can boost marketing leading to more customers and more sales.

Let AI Be a Friend and Not a Foe

There are many advantages and benefits that AI can give people. They can manage to personalize content delivery, create generic and basic content such as stock prices and game score, and more. Now that they free up workers with tedious tasks, employees are now able to dedicate their time to more complex matters.

Despite those benefits, there are still plenty of mix feelings that people are having with regards to this step of the evolution of technology. Some are amazed while others are fearing that AI is going to be the end of the human race. The truth of these claims is yet to be known until we get to it in the future.

In the meantime, we should make use of what AI is made of: assisting human workers. They should be our friends and not our foes.

So what do you think of AI’s role in content marketing?

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