6 Most Useless Inventions Ever Made You’d Rather Stay Low-Tech

The Scoop: Technology is a wonderful thing. They are the reason why man’s living in the world gets bearable. However, not all products of technology can benefit man in a big way. Although some work to a few percentage of people. Check out the most useless inventions ever made.

There are many inventions being made as of today. People are amazing human beings to be able to discover and think of something that will take the human race a step towards the future.

There are gadgets that only the rich can afford and there are others that you can buy now, rich or not. However, like in the movies that can flop, there are also technologies that didn’t quite live up to the standards of people. In other words, those technologies are useless.

Here are some of the inventions that are so useless, you just want to buy them for fun.

Ctrl-Alt-Delete Wand

Via Zumbi Xexelento

If your computer suddenly freezes up, how will you ever override it for a quick reboot? Ctrl+Alt+Del is the magic words for that. However, why further exhaust your fingers on the keyboard when you can just use a wand to solve the problem? Very impressive, right?

Toilet Golf

Via CoolGift

Sometimes it gets boring being cooped up in the bathroom while doing your business. However, you don’t have to feel bored anymore. Who cares about bringing your smartphone with tons of other apps for your entertainment in the bathroom? This toilet golf is a perfect way to pass the time there.

Umbrella Shoes

umbrella shoes
Via KiwiReport

For those who love their shoes more than anything else, I’d recommend investing in some umbrella shoes. When it rains, you will be able to keep those lovely shoes from getting ruined by the rain! Not only that, you can also close the umbrellas if there’s is no rain.

Solar Powered Cigarette

solar cigarette
Via Pinterest

No, I don’t mean that you’re cigarette is solar-powered giving you infinite smokes as long as you have sunlight. This invention is solar-powered because you are using the sun to light your cigarette. It may be just a magnifying glass stuck to a metal holder but I bet you didn’t think it can light up your cigarette, eh?

USB Pet Rock

usb rock
Via WiredBugs

Allergic to dogs, cats, hamsters, and unicorns? Don’t worry. Technology has you covered. You can now be the new Mommy or Daddy to a pet rock! What makes this pet rock different from other pet rocks? They are technologically upgraded. Just plug in your pet rock into your computer and watch as the magic of nothing happens.

Car Exhaust Grill

car exhaust grill
Via Bit Rebel

Sometimes driving can be tiring not to mention hunger-inducing. What do you think of driving while cooking at the same time? It may seem impossible but not with this grill! you get to grill food using your car exhaust! Isn’t that impressive? Feel free to tell us how pollution tastes like after.

There’s Good Tech and There’s Useless Tech

There is no doubt that technology can make or break humanity. Yet it is inevitable that there will be crazy ideas from people who think they will be useful to mankind when it is the exact opposite. However, that’s what the people in the past said to aspiring inventors who became world leaders today.

No matter how useless these inventions are right now, you never know that they might spark someone’s imagination to make a better and non-useless variant in the near future.

So what do you think is the most useless inventions ever made?

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Featured Image: Quora

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