The Most Seductively Beautiful Women in History and Mythology

Though beauty is clearly a subjective matter, humankind’s standards for it are quite the same – we can all agree that straight, pointy noses and large, clear eyes are aesthetically pleasing. Behind every great – and love struck – man in history and mythology there is a woman who is subject to his lustful desires.

Though there are millions of women today that we can universally call “smoking hot” thanks to their beautiful facade and finely shaped curves, nothing can compare to what the beauty of these women did to the world. Let’s take a look at some of the most notable examples:

Bathseba, the woman King David desired


Realistically saying the Bible isn’t short of stories about adultery, polygamy, rape and murder. One such story is that of King David and Bathseba. Bear in mind that David was generally a righteous king during his reign (approximately 1000 BC), and was an acclaimed warrior, poet and musician: he was responsible for composing much of the Book of Psalms. He is an important figure in Jewish, Christian and Islamic faiths.

The biggest stain in his picturesque existence was when he saw Bathseba, the wife of Uriah the Hittite (a soldier in David’s army) taking a bath while walking in the roof of his palace. His righteous nature was immediately clouded by lust – he seduced her and made her pregnant , thus committing adultery, one of the most scorned transgressions.

He tried to conceal his sin by having Uriah sleep with his wife, but the warrior refused, stating the rule applying to warriors in active service. In turn, this made David order one of his generals to place Uriah in the front lines, leaving him to die. David later married the widowed Bathseba, but was punished by God and a series of unfortunate events.

Bathseba proved that even the most righteous men lose their sense of righteousness in the face of love – or lust.

Helen of Troy


Depicted by stunningly beautiful actresses in two movies in the past decade, Helen is known in Greek mythology as the woman whose face launched a thousand ships and brought hundreds and thousands of men to their deaths. Though stories about her remain inconsistent, she had dozens of suitors with Menelaus winning her hand in marriage. She was then abducted by Paris and brought to Troy – an incident which triggered the Trojan War.

Helen is the subject of many painters and artists in modern times, with many touting her as the personification of real beauty. She is portrayed in numerous paintings during the Renaissance and the medieval ages.

Nefertiti, Queen of Egypt

The bust of Nefertiti. Photo from Philip Pikart.
The bust of Nefertiti. Photo from Philip Pikart.

If you think Cleopatra is the most beautiful woman in all of ancient Egypt, you’re actually wrong: the title belongs to no one but Nefertiti, whose three millennia-old bust is currently in display at the Neues Museum in Germany. The bust was found at the workshop of an ancient Egyptian sculptor named Thutmose – the work of art is largely credited to her popularity.

The bust depicts her face as completely symmetrical with high cheekbones, a prominent chin and a straight nose. We can safely say that she utilized natural skincare products available at her disposal. It just goes to show that her beauty is as prominent as the religious revolution she and her husband put up .

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