Only in Japan: 5 Technologies That Only Exist in Japan

The Scoop: Japan is best known for their technology. You can see that most quality and unique technological innovations are coming from there. However, did you know that Japan also has their own technology that they didn’t share with the world? Check some of the technologies that only exist in Japan.

Japan is one of the countries that are never absent in one’s wishlist. They have the anime. They have one of the languages that people want to learn. And they have the technology.

Even though that they are most known for their innovative technology, they also made a hit and miss with some of it. However, you still can’t deny that despite their weird and sometimes useless inventions sometimes, Japan is still an awesome place to be.

Other than that, there are still a lot of technology that Japan hasn’t shared with the world. Here are some of the technologies that only exist in Japan.

Turning Train Seats

train seat
Via YouTube

Train rides can go on forever. And it is always a bummer when you don’t get to snag a seat that overlooks the window so you can enjoy the view while being on the ride. That may not be the case in other places but in Japan, you will be able to enjoy the view even if you sat next to the aisle. Thanks to their rotating chairs for people who wanted to watch the view and for introverts who wanted to enjoy the ride for themselves.

Water Saving Sink and Toilet

Via YouTube

For people who are fond of saving the environment, this invention that is only in Japan will make you fall in love with the place. The sink is placed on top of the toilet which lets you reuse the water you already used in the sink to flush down the toilet. Very convenient and environment-friendly.

Robot Receptionist

Japan Robot Hotel
Via Al Arabiya

This hotel is manned with three receptionists to help customers check in and out of their room. However, they’re not just your everyday receptionist. They are robots. Yes, you got that right, robots! The female robot in the middle assists visitors that are speaking in Japanese while the dinosaur robot assists English-speaking visitors.

The one who will be assisting you with your luggage during your stay is also a robot. And what’s more, staying in this hotel is way more cheaper, even for Japanese standards, than anywhere else. Techy, cool, and affordable.

Umbrella Parking Lot

Via AllAbout-Japan

Isn’t it bothersome that you don’t know where to put your umbrella when going into a building, especially when it is raining outside and your umbrella is wet? Well, it seems that Japan is going to remedy that problem. Meet the Umbrella Parking Lot of Japan! You get to keep your umbrella in a safe place to hang and dry without worry that someone without an umbrella runs off with yours.

Helmet with Ponytail Hole

Via Trending Cube

One of the best inventions that I really appreciate personally as well. One of the struggles of women who have long hair is to keep their hair manageable everytime they ride the motorcycle and endure wearing the helmet. Fortunately, with this helmet, women won’t be having problems with their hair when it comes to snapping in a helmet. This is how Japan also shows their appreciation for their women by being considerate of their needs.

Only in Japan!

Japan is indeed a lovely place to be in. Not only that it is a place where awesome nerds can be more awesome and nerd out whenever they want. It is also the beautiful culture that Japan has. You may notice that most of their inventions are made with something or someone in mind.

So what is your favorite to try first when you go to Japan?

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