Sweat And Roar With These Muscle Supplements

For athletes on the go, muscle supplements are always important to their daily workout. It keeps them strong, kicking and roaring as they sweat out with the required exercises instructed to them. There are appropriate meals when they exercise and there are also appropriate food supplement that are fit to improve their strength and endurance level. And on days wherein they will undergo strenuous and sweaty competitions, they have to make it a point to eat and gobble up the proper meal.

Appropriate Time To Eat

An athlete having a full stomach minutes before the exercise or competition is not ideal actually. What remains there in your tummy can cause you to have stomach pains, cramps and nausea. So to remedy that dilemma, the best thing that you should do is to eat the meal 4 hours prior to the competition. This long duration of time will process and digest the food well in your system. The distribution of nutrients will give energy in an athlete’s body.

photo credits to : pinterest.com by Jordan Terry
Photo by : pinterest.com by Jordan Terry


What Athletes Should Put In Their Tummy

A solid meal would do for their daily supplements. They should pair it up with a high carbohydrate energy drink when they eat the meal. And along with it, they should keep a mental note that they’ll gulp on some fresh water an hour before the game. This will fill serve as their fluid replacement and energy fuel for the next strenuous moments. You can make an addition with your diet actually. Just make sure that it won’t slow down the process of your digestion.

Suggested Meal:

fresh fruit
bread, bagels
pasta with tomato sauce
baked potatoes
energy bar
cereal with milk
toast/bread with a bit of peanut butter, lean meat, or cheese

Food Supplements For Endurance Athletes

Glucose or sugar is suggested for these kind of athletes. There are evidences that tell sugar to be an energy provider for athletes. Have an intake of this item 30-40 minutes before the competition. But before you opt for the method, have a trial with this supplement first. There are cases wherein some athletes perform not well enough after a blood glucose spike. So make test with this item right before you opt in it for good.

Foods To Avoid

Meats, doughnuts, fries, potato chips, and candy bars should be avoided during the event of the competition. Its contents pull blood in your stomach. And without the latter in your system, then you will have a hard time in digesting nutrients in your body. So steer clear of these sinful yummies if you want to achieve some medal and trophy in the day of your competition. Stick to meals that are easy to digest. Fiber and carbohydrate meals will do great with your muscle and energy requirements. Kinglyvelvet muscle supplements may also aid you with your athletic needs.

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