Smartphone = Professional Camera for Amateur Filmmakers

With technology’s swift advancements, photography and filmmaking is taken to a whole other level. Smartphone cameras are capable of shooting a scene with close to professional quality.

An array of technical materials are needed to produce a film. Cameras, tripods, computers, audio recorders, microphones, are but a portion of the number of equipment needed in producing a film.

Producing films take time and effort and meticulous planning. But a number of independent and amateur filmmakers lack the huge budget and manpower resources to obtain the equipment used by larger film companies.

Does that harbor ominous tidings?

Nope, it’s not the end of the world for these filmmakers. Lack of “professional” equipment doesn’t entail a disastrous output.

Creating films can take on a professional quality in the hands of a skilled filmmaker and his resourcefulness.

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Latest Smartphone Camera Specifications

In the recent years, the rise in smartphone usefulness keeps increasing steadily. And when it comes to cameras and image quality, smartphones are giving DSLR cameras a run for their money. And as of August 2018, these phones and their cameras just keep getting better and better.

The ever-popular iPhone X is out to impress mobile phone photographers with its dual-lens camera providing wide-angles, and shooting 12-megapixel images. It came to its consumers equipped with dual optical image optimization. The feature reduces motion blur on both lenses while shooting either photos or videos.

But Google’s Pixel 2XL is the best camera around so far, edging out Apple’s iPhone X and placing it in very close second. Its excellent optical zoom dual rear cameras produce awesome portrait shots.

The Galaxy Note 9 isn’t too far behind with its AI-aided dual cameras. It’s a feature present in other smartphones like LG’s G7 ThinQ, but the Note 9 includes flaw detection features alongside its ability to detect images. It also works really well during nighttime, and in low-light settings.

As the technological world progresses, more and more smartphone cameras are turning to AI technology to aid in their photo capturing and to help optimize camera settings.

These technological marvels in the recent years paved the way to an unorthodox method of displaying a person’s creativity in already established fields.

Smartphones and Films

Nowadays, because of optimized camera settings, smartphones are gaining more and more notoriety when it comes to producing films. Some people who aren’t really familiar with the mechanics and the technicalities behind filmmaking would say using smartphones seem like a roundabout route.

But is it, really?

The idea isn’t popular when you talk of large and professional film production companies. Hollywood films are certainly not produced by using a common smartphone. Can you imagine watching a Marvel movie shot using a smartphone?

But you have to note the fact that these professional companies have a large budget at their disposal. However, for amateur filmmakers — particularly for those who are just starting to dabble in the art of film — the latest smartphone camera specifications can come very handy.

How so?


It’s budget friendly

It’s budget-friendly when you consider the fact that almost everybody owns a smartphone nowadays. The people of today live through and in their phones most of the time.

So now that a camera is available, put together a film crew, gather your cast of characters, and let your creativity go wild.

And speaking of creativity…

It encourages creativity and resourcefulness

How are you going to shoot a climactic scene from an equally dramatic angle without cranes or dollies? Find a way. Try mounting your smartphone on top of a steadily moving device. How do you capture a lovely bird’s-eye view of your main character without a drone? Find ways. Find an elevated area you would deem sufficient and shoot the scene.

One great thing about creating films under a tight budget is the fact that it compels you to think outside the box. Creativity is definitely pushed to its limits, and your ability to be resourceful is tested efficiently.

In a situation where you lack the money for sufficient manpower and professional quality equipment, utilizing a smartphone camera for filming puts your camera man’s skills to the test. It would also require the director to think of the most creative shots and camera techniques to use.

It gives you a shot at fame

Say you finished producing your movie, and the output looked great because you and your team were so awesome. What then? What would you get out of it besides obvious satisfaction at a job well-done?

Well, there are a number of ways. Posting it on social media sites and YouTube can let it gain some popularity, but submitting it as an entry to a phone film festival is an even better idea.

It’s popularity, and cash if your film is awesome enough.

With the rise of smartphone popularity and ways of using it, it’s no surprise that film festivals revolving around smartphone camera-shot productions would emerge. There are many in existence already, in fact.

There’s the iPhone Film Festival — launched in 2010, the Smartphone Film Festival — in Canada, and Original iPhone Film Festival — in New York, among others. These are just three of the many.

(Read Brij Dalvi’s blog on FestivalSherpa for more smartphone film festivals, or checkout FilmFreeWay to know more about events like this.)

And on that note…

Producing a film is one of the many ways to pursue an avenue of a different level. It is interesting and exciting — that very exhilaration mixing with difficulties and trials along the way.

And with the rise of so many advanced optimizations for smartphone cameras, literally, anyone can be a filmmaker now.

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