Turn Your Space Into a Smart Home With These Thanksgiving Black Friday Items

This year, Thanksgiving falls on November 24, which is then followed by Black Friday – every shopaholic’s favorite “holiday”. It’s the time of the year when prices are slashed by almost half the original price, yet aren’t limited to just electronic gadgets and clothes. Your home deserves a makeover with the latest appliances and gizmos, too.

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to make your house feel safer and appear more contemporary. Everything in our homes can be controlled from our phones, even when we are away. Power glitches aside, our everyday lives are being made easier thanks to these inventions.

Rather than squeezing yourself in crowds of sleep-deprived and shopping slaves, you can lay back and do all your Black Friday shopping online. Amazon even launched their sale 14 days early. Companies like Walmart, Target and Macy’s are upping their online marketing game by releasing ads and coupons days before Thanksgiving.

Don’t get too cursor happy though, because there are just some in-store deals that won’t compare to online offers.


Smart Power Sources

If you don’t remember the “clapper” then you’re too young to even think about buying homes and changing light bulbs.


Source: Belkin

The WeMo products by Belkin reduce a homeowner’s anxiety when it comes to leaving their place unoccupied for long periods of time or during vacations. To make it function, all that’s needed is an outlet, a WiFi/4G network, and a smart phone app. Monitor the lights, electricity or power by connecting them to the outlet. Advocate a greener way of living with the use of a WeMo product as it allows you to monitor the interactions occurring at home.


Security Camera


Source: Nest

You’re interested in installing a security camera, but don’t want to go through the hassle of constantly changing the memory card, disentangling wires, or positioning bulky pieces? There’s the Nest Cam security camera for that.

These run on electricity instead of batteries and can be installed in any room of the house. Choose to place one in the bedroom, the kitchen, or living room.

Also keep watch over your car and storage. If not repaired and maintained , the garage is also one of the most vulnerable areas for burglary or theft.

The app provides alerts when suspicious movement or noise is present while you’re away. You also immediately receive an image from the action to see who came in.


Home Security


Source: August

One of the most innovative keyless home entries is the August Smart Lock, which functions through a free app from the iOS store or Google Play Store. Simply use your smart phone to lock or unlock your doors – no matter where you are. Its minimalist design only needs to be installed in the interior of the door with minor renovations.

With the additional doorbell cam, you can open your doors for your children who’re coming home from school, or visiting relatives that arrive at seemingly unconventional times. You can grant family members and friends access through the use of the keypad and a code. Stay informed if anyone else other than you enters your home. It also offers a log so you can track who comes and goes.

Stay on the lookout out for these items while you’re out and about searching for the best deals on TVs.

Futuristic homes are no longer a thing of the past or only possible in dystopian movies. Millionaires like Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne aren’t the only ones who can afford automated window blinds and sensor sensitive house parts. Technology has evolved (and has gotten relatively cheaper) in such a way that we don’t even have to exert great efforts, struggle with cables, drill holes or permanently ruin walls.

But before the Black Friday rushes in, make sure you’ve spent time with people who matter most – your family. After all, the essence of Thanksgiving revolves around love and gratitude.



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