Red, White and Blue Recipes for Veteran’s Day

Happy Veteran’s Day!

Today is the day where everyone honors the brave soldiers who have fought for their country. As people of all ages are busy preparing for the great event, here are interesting recipes you can try in your home.

No, we’re not going to celebrate Memorial Day. Most people quite confuse this day from the other. Let’s get away with the embarrassment and understand the difference between these two events.

Veteran’s Day

It’s quite easy to understand. This falls on November 11 (that’s today, alright). Veteran’s day is a celebration to honor those courageous soldiers and served the military.

Memorial Day

Meanwhile, this is the day celebrated on the last Monday of May. This day honors and pays tribute to the brave soldiers and those people who have served the country and lost their lives.

Yes, these people are our heroes. You simply could not imagine how our lives would turn out to be when they didn’t serve. So, to honor them, here are our special red, white and blue patriotic recipes.

Red, White and Blue Specials

At this point, you may probably have an idea what we’re trying to make. We will create a simple, yet special recipe for our dear soldiers. You are right! We will focus on the three colors – red, white and blue. If you’re ready, put on your apron and let’s start!

Wait a second, hold it right there. Before you take over in the kitchen, you have to prepare all the ingredients. Here are a few suggestions you can consider to create an authentic red, white and blue work of art.


Red                        White                                           Blue

Strawberries           Cream                                          Blueberry

Tomatoes               Chicken or any white meat              Blue Chips

Red Peppers           Bananas                                         Beans

Now that you have an idea what we’re going to make, we will begin cooking. 

image source: pinterest.com

Dessert on a Stick

Pardon me and my sweet tooth. We will have to start creating a tasty Veteran’s day sparklers. This isn’t your ordinary sparklers, but it is a combination of strawberries, blueberries, and rice krispies with a start pattern.

Chicken Spirals

image source: pinterest.com

You all know the benefits of chicken. And when you talk about this bird, a turkey meat is not an exception. There are a lot of great advantages you can enjoy when you include chicken in your diet plan. Did you know that other than it can keep your body healthy, it can also prevent piles from flaring up. This recipe is simple just as the previous one. Chicken, red peppers and beans (or better yet, blue cheese? It’s up to you) are just the main ingredients for this kind of dish.

Patriotic Trifle

image credit: foodnetwork.com

You can serve these lustful desserts in a clear glass or cup filled with angel food cake, cream, blueberries, and strawberries. Moreover, you can add nuts to add flavor and taste, and most of all satisfy your sugar craving.

While everyone is busy in their kitchen preparing for the veterans, these recipes enable these veterans wear a smile on their face. You can always add this to your menu if you’re planning to give away free food to the veterans. These red, white and blue recipes will definitely make them feel special.

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