5 Panoramic Photo Fails that You Want to Facepalm to

The Scoop: Ever since the invention of the smartphone with the camera, selfies and photos are snapped here and there. A flurry of images of every kind flooded the internet. And then, there’s the panoramic view with its own horde of images good and bad alike. Here are some panoramic photo fails you may want to see.

Photos are easier to take since the release of a smartphone with a camera, by the way, thanks for that NASA. Taking pictures of views are personally my favorite, especially fields and the skies. Therefore, I use a panoramic view to catch the entire thing on camera.

However, one rule when doing a panoramic view is to not move, if you are getting a person, or you don’t move your hand so far away from your subject.

Unfortunately, not all get to perfect that rule because here we are and presenting the panoramic fails caught on camera and shared on the internet. So without further ado, here are the panoramic photo fails that will leave you laughing or horrified.

Troll Face Exists, People

Via Reddit

A Redditor did a panoramic view of his mom and she moved which results in this picture. Who knows that panoramic view can uncover the troll face’s real identity?

Baby Jack-Jack’s Hidden Power

Via Imgur

Well, I guess we are now spoiled with the Incredible 2 that Jack-Jack has Elastigirl’s powers.


Via Imgur

Is this what roadkill looks like? Cool! I mean, no, not cool.

Wife and Husband Fusion

Via Imgur

This is the reason why they shouldn’t have used the Yu-Gi-Oh Fusion Card yet.

Be Careful, That Head’s Fragile

Via Reddit

Actually, it’s not just the head but the top body parts too. That winking guy at the bottom is one of the suspects for butchering his friends like that for sure.

Keep the Hand Steady

Panoramic view is a very handy tool to use especially when you are aiming to catch a majestic view of a wide and open space. However, keep your hand steady so you won’t be making abominable creations like these.

So what are your panoramic photo fails? Share them with us!

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