How to Do Effective and Efficient Online Marketing According to Disney

The Scoop: Disney has been one of the most influential and successful brands in the world. Here are some nuggets wisdom that will improve your online marketing according to Disney.

Disney is one of the biggest brands in the world and it wasn’t that big and influential in the past. It also started small just like the small businesses that are starting everywhere all over the world.

Disney is also one of the companies at the mercy of trends. Trends is what urges the people whether to engage in a certain product/service or not. Therefore, it doesn’t sound so bad to learn what trends Disney is following that they implement in their online marketing strategy.

Here’s how Disney do online marketing based on the famous trends regarding online businesses.

Chatbots Are Your Friends

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Chatbots are not new but they are making a comeback with surprising benefits for businesses and companies everywhere. Due to the fact that people aren’t able to accommodate a 24/7, 365 days of working the rest of the job falls to chatbots. No, they are not there to replace your jobs, but they are there to assist your business when your human workforce is taking their well-earned rest.

The Power of the Voice

Artificial Intelligence is becoming more and more famous in business and in everyday activities. This is also a sign where technology obeys voice commands. Technology such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Siri and Google Assistant are just a few of voice-activated technology. This just shows that voice searches are going to become more prominent in the future. Therefore, you better optimize your content ahead of time to prepare for it.

Everyone Loves a Story


Whether it is writing your web pages or creating content for your content marketing, everyone loves a story. When it comes to marketing, you have to up your content creating strategy as well as keep those social media stories coming. Examples are Instagram Stories and Snapchat stories. You can utilize this feature by inciting a limited edition look at some of your products. On the other hand, you can keep some for more than 24 hours in order to feature bite-sized content from your site.

Living the Moment in Live

With so much information contained on the internet, people have so little attention span in order to consume every bit of data that they deem worthy. Make it so by implementing visuals in your content to attract customers. Take it a step up by using videos. Want to raise it up a level more? Make it live! Live videos attract more people, comments, and shares compared to normal videos. Therefore, if you want more viewers and engagements, live the moment in live.

Explore Endless Possibilities of Marketing

One of the things that made Disney successful is that they are not afraid of trying something new. Failure doesn’t make them give up the fight but those spurred them on to make the company better. So if you want to make your online marketing successful you have to know your audience, be alert to the trends and be brave to face changes and to try something new.

So what do you think of these marketing techniques?

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