October and Halloween: How to Utilize Your Jar of Honey

Honey is arguably one of the nature’s best gifts to mankind, so keeping a jar of it in your pantry this Halloween is something that you should do. Anyway, this thick, sugary liquid is a main fixture in American homes, given its many uses both on the table and in the medicine cabinet. Even if this golden, sugar-filled liquid never spoils, emptying it before October ends should be done, especially if you want to enjoy the month ahead. Here are some suggestions and some tips:

The kitchen

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Of course, the primary purpose of honey is to be consumed, so utilizing it this Halloween should be done: it’s the month of sweets and treats after all. There are numerous ways to use this sweetener on the dining table, although making it a fine addition into some of your prepared dishes isn’t a far off possibility. Here are some excellent suggestions and uses:

Honey candy apples – eating green or blood-red apples shouldn’t be limited to eating them in their raw form: by using honey in the in the candy apple mixture, you’ll receive the health benefits of both the fruit and the honey.

Apples dipped in honey – if you don’t like the taste of caramel, dipping sliced apples in honey is a great way to treat yourself. That being said, it also makes a healthy energy boosting breakfast!

Honey Halloween cookies – if you’re preparing a snack for the whole family or for some visiting friends, it’s time to make some nice bat-shaped cookies while placing a small bowl of honey in the middle of the platter, along with a dipper.

Honey pumpkin pie – pumpkin and honey make a great duo, so putting them together in a pie, will make your taste buds explode due to the sweetness! Adding a pinch of nutmeg and cloves will make it taste a lot better as well.

Other than the aforementioned uses, honey can also be added into your tea, coffee, and even pumpkin juice. In this month and season of sweets this is definitely something your kitchen cupboard could have.

As a cosmetic and remedy

Manuka honey. Photo by natureplica.com

October is when fall or autumn comes, bringing strong winds and chilly gales, this will surely pose a problem to your overall skin health. As the weather gets colder, the air gets dryer, affecting your skin. Honey, especially manuka honey coming from Manuka Natural, can be used as a cosmetic to counter the effects of cold weather and the hindrances that the season brings. Here are some suggestions:

  • The cold weather could leave the skin on your face dry. Honey can be used as a moisturizer, especially if it’s mixed with other substances and turned into a face mask.
  • Chapped and cracked lips come with the cold weather. This condition can be negated and treated by applying honey on it. Not only will it be sweet, but it will also moisturize your lips and hasten the healing process.
  • Allergies and random acne breakouts – itchy skin, rashes, and hives can be relieved by applying honey (did you get the pun?) on them. Other than that, honey can also relieve acne.

Overall, if you follow the above mentioned tips, then your honey jar and dipper will be busy this season. Make the most out of this sweet liquid and you’ll enjoy both Halloween and October!

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