2019 Catalysts in Mobile App UI Design Trends

Mobile application market has become very popular thanks to the number of people who now use smartphones. And this number continues to grow in 2019. Why this statistic important?

Only in June 2017, 180 billion Apple’s Store applications were downloaded. It’s an implication that there is a growing opportunity within the industry. Additionally, mobile application developers can earn a lot in this promising market.

However, you should first know the cost of designing the user interface of any application. Be aware also of the latest trends in mobile application design. The elements of the user interface (UI) of any mobile application form the design of this mobile application.

UI design includes several components: information architecture, interaction design, graphic design, and content.

Mobile apps, in fact, have changed the way we live our lives. Due to this, their demand is constantly increasing.  Good news for companies that plan to use an application to grow. Let’s discuss some of the best UI design trends for mobile applications this 2019.

Top Mobile App UI Design Trends for 2019

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

It has been over a year since Google launched the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) project that changed the web search to a large extent. In addition, Google also announced that for the mobile Web.  There will be a separate search index and this can change all trends of mobile application development.

Web applications compatible with AMP will load much faster on mobile devices and significantly reduce bounce rates. It’s also likely to allow you to benefit from increased traffic and better Ads visibility.

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are not new in the world of mobile applications since they appeared last year. And their combination would lead to mixed reality (MR).

ar,vr, mixed reality

These concepts have revolutionized the gaming and entertainment industries. Some of the outstanding examples of AR are those games like Sky Siege and Pokemon Go.

Similarly, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, and Google Cardboard have gained much popularity as for VR devices.

As there are lots of developments to come this year we are expecting for exciting applications. And it is becoming more exciting as time goes by, we are even seeing the combination of this which is known as mixed reality (MR).

Artificial Intelligence

AI (artificial intelligence) is expected to provide users of business websites with much more powerful information than before. Thanks to the use of cognitive interfaces, machine learning technology, and advanced analysis.

The expression “artificial intelligence” is used very often these days, but what is it exactly? In general, it is a machine or computer with the ability to deal with the problems that are usually solved by people who use their characteristic knowledge.

advances of the AI begin to take hold in a variety of businesses. The applications with the elements of the AI, that is to say, “intelligent applications”. It currently helps the clients to complete their daily tasks. Retail giants such as eBay and Amazon demonstrated the efficiency of the applications provided with artificial intelligence or AI.

Just like VR, AR, and MR, this is also getting much more exciting.  A lot of companies are investing in this even the search giant like Google.

So, how about you, what are you expecting with AI?

Mobile Applications Based On The Cloud

Thanks to the change with the cloud. Mobile applications can now extract data directly from the cloud and thus free up the phone’s memory.

According to CISCO, it is likely that 90% of all mobile data will be driven by cloud applications in 2019, and that mobile cloud traffic will increase 11 times.

Users are usually delighted if they can have savings with their apps.

Larger Screens

It seems that people have fallen in love with their Android devices and iOS big screen. It’s not always easy to create an optimized application for larger devices.

There are many problems involved when trying to make an application for smaller devices suit larger ones. Several changes must be made in the user interface.

Most of the browsing patterns must also be changed, resulting in different UX.

User interface: The Easier, The Better

If you want your design to be considered great in 2019, you must make the user interface as simple as possible. The simple user interface design always implies better functionality, which is just what users are looking for.


Another important trend in the design of modern mobile applications consists is the addition of the sliding action (swipe). Smartphones have had this feature for some time now, and it is quite useful in terms of functionality.

However, there is always room for improvement and developers must pay close attention. In addition, at the moment the best ideas involve the use of a card-based feed that is widely used in apps such as Twitter and Pinterest. Another option involves the use of universal sliding and card layouts.

Creative Navigation

Creating many navigation options is one of the most important trends in the design of mobile applications. First, it’s about the use of simple, but creative, navigation buttons. Other key features of the new navigation patterns are:

• Greater number of navigation options. Even horizontal, vertical, modular, parallax and hidden navigation.
• The infinite displacement for mobile applications that have a lot of content.
• Modular scrolling to navigate through several rows of content.


Application developers should never forget to add an element that attracts attention, and there is no better way to do it than to opt for a simple but well-designed animation.

Applications that have this feature have gained great popularity among users. They also have an important role in improving the user experience. How can you take advantage of the animations? 

Animation can facilitate navigation. You can use it as a transition between zoom functions (zoom in and zoom out). Serve as a confirmation of some action performed by the user. Please provide better UX to the user. It can Provide a direct viewing effect.

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