4 Amazing Marketing Lessons Learned from Video Games You Can Use

The Scoop: If the president thinks that video games are nothing but a cause to violent behaviors, it seems that marketers and businessmen think otherwise. Read on to know some marketing lessons learned from video games!

Ever since Trump versus video games started, video gaming and video games have become a hot topic. Many agreed and many more disagreed with the notion. However, it looks like businessmen and marketers are also getting benefits from video games.

Many would think that video games are just mindless entertainment that can help you relax and escape reality. Little did we know that they also provide little nuggets of knowledge that can help us in many circumstances.

Here are some of the marketing lessons that will help you with your business. And maybe help you de-stress in your free time when you get to play them.

Get Rid of Bad Teammates- Fortnite

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The game Fornite Battle Royale can be played alone or with your team. If you want to win the game, you have to be cooperative and everyone should take a part. However, it is not uncommon that there will be people who won’t want to pull their own weight. Having bad teammates can cause you and the whole team’s demise.

Getting rid of teammates doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to kill them(Fortnite disabled Friendly Fire and you will be banned) instead, do your best to avoid having a teammate like that. In real life, you can remove teammates by firing them or reporting them to the head.

Have a Diverse Team- Pokémon

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Other than getting rid of bad teammates, you also have to diversify your group. Just like in Pokémon. However, while on your journey, wild Pokémons will appear and they will challenge you. Different Pokémon correspond to different types, strengths, and weaknesses.

In real life, its the same. There will always be happenings that can come up unexpectedly and take you by surprise. However, happenings can be solved by the right people. Therefore, it is essential that you have a diverse team that can help solve the problems that arise.


Connect with Audience- The Last of Us

Last of Us
Via The Last of Us Wiki – Fandom

One of the essential elements that every marketers and businessman should consider is connecting to their target market. Strengthening your company’s bond with the target audience will encourage loyalty and growth for the both of you.

Last of Us is a perfect example of successfully providing emotion to the players that leave them wanting for more. In the game, you will be embarking on a journey for survival. The

Don’t Be a Jack-of-all-Trades- Skyrim

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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a place where you can be anyone and be anything. However, you can’t be everything. To be able to get your level higher faster, you have to focus on a few skills rather than leveling all of them evenly. Furthermore, you only have to choose a faction: Imperial or Stromcloak, no in-betweens once you have chosen.

Moral lesson of the game? You have to be excellent at only a few things rather than be average at everything. Find your specialty and hone it to perfection to get fast and high-quality results. You also can’t please everyone, so choose a specific audience and avoid catering to everybody.

Games Do More Than Entertain

Regardless of what Trump thinks of video games, you can’t deny the fact that video games do more than just entertaining people in their spare time. Other than marketing lessons, people can also get life lessons and more from games as well.

Whether you agree that games are bad or good for people, you can’t deny their usefulness to the majority of society.

So what marketing lesson have you learned from video games?

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