Learn with Google AI: Google Offers Free AI Lessons

The Scoop: Now that Artificial Intelligence is becoming popular, Google offers free AI lessons through Learn with Google AI. Study up and learn about the future of technology.

Google AI Course
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Artificial Intelligence is rapidly growing into a very popular trend as days go by. It has been hanging out on our desktops, and now it’s making its way on our smartphones. One of these days you will find out that AI is everywhere!

However, before making assumptions, you have to find out what makes AI tick. How does it work? What is AI about? Will it really become our end in the future? If you know how AI functions and what can it really offer industries, you will be able to glean on the answers to those questions.

Better Education for Better Outcomes

With AI becoming more integrated into our daily lives, Google offers free AI lessons aiming to educate people through Learn with Google AI. This is a website which gives people access who wanted to learn AI, Machine Learning, and more.

It also features a free 15-hour crash course about Machine Learning called machine learning crash course or (MLCC). This includes exercises, video instructions, and interactive visuals to boost learning.

MLCC is a great way for people who don’t have any background with AI to start learning about it. It is also an excellent way for people with a bit of experience on AI to refresh their knowledge.

So what do you think? Are you signing up for the course?

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