New Phone Choices? Latest Phone Models from LG and Samsung Leaked

Early this week, two of the biggest Korean electronics companies’ latest phone models leaked. Samsung and LG are set to launch the newest addition to their phone models. However, even before the products are formally presented to the public, people have already had the chance to have a peek at the designs of respective phones.

A lot of people are anticipating about what will be the innovations that these companies did to their latest mobile phone models. However, since it hasn’t been officially launched for the public to see, there was only a little information about the said products. However, there are general information that can be used to help you, as the consumer to have better knowledge about what brand you might prefer to purchase.

Latest phone model from LG

Image source: The Next Web

According to the set of leaks that was revealed online, there are two variants of the LG G7 which has undergone a certification in their home country. It is said that the latest mobile phone model of LG has a display notch, bottom chin, and has a 3.5 mm headphone jack. Apart from that, the phone is expected to have an M+ LCD display with two 16-megapixel camera sensors at the back, it also has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC.

Image Source: Android Headlines

In the article published in Android Headlines, it is said that the LG G7 will be available in different color options. There are five colors: Aurora Black, Platinum Grey, Moroccan Blue, Moroccan Blue but the matte version, and Raspberry Rose. “The Aurora Black will be the ‘default’ color option, with the others launching as alternatives for those seeking a more customized look.”

Latest phone model from Samsung

Another Korean phone brand that leak was the latest model that Samsung will be offering to its consumers. Not to compare the two brands but, similar to LG, Samsung is also set to launch its Galaxy A6 and Galaxy A6+ this year. There were a couple of articles about the latest mobile phone models of Samsung circulated online. Others said that it is similar to Galaxy S9.

Image Source: Gadgets

In the said leakage photos, the Galaxy A6+ is available in two colors: blue and gold. Aside from the colors, Galaxy A6+ have, in the case of Galaxy A6, it has a 5.6-inches infinity display that comes with 2,220×1.080 resolution. It also has a 3GB RAM and has an internal storage of 32GB. The device is running under Android Oreo. Which have other sensors such as light sensor, proximity sensor, accelerometer, compass, and gyroscope.

What do you think of the latest mobile phone models of LG and Samsung? Does it suit your taste? Or do you even consider it as one of the unusual cellphones ever created, I hope you won’t. If it’s not yet okay for you, just wait for more details about the brand to see if the newest products can meet your standards when it comes to phones.

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