Keeping Feet in Heels Happy

Of Footwear and Femininity

High heels are usually depicted as a symbol of female authority and empowerment. When in reality they are just standards set by clueless men or designers who don’t actually wear their own creations.

Women themselves also think heels are a necessity, but it also depends on the situation (and sometimes office dress code). If your special other strongly insisted that you swap your sneakers or flats for heels, you definitely don’t deserve them. What kind of man would want his woman to feel uncomfortable?

We all have our preferences and comfort zones. Which brings forth the question, so what if I’m not a heels enthusiast?


Shoe Issues

Issues and controversy about women being banned from attending certain events and entering a venue because they aren’t wearing heels have emerged.

Unless they are the ones buying my clothes for me, why should I worry? I’ll wear heels on one condition: you pay for the damages they cause or if anything happens to me while I have them on, deal?

The Cannes Film Festival was also known for ejecting women from the red carpet for sporting flat shoes. Actresses that were victimized included Emily Blunt, Julia Roberts (who completely went barefoot). Emma Thompson, Cara Delevigne, and Jennifer Lawrence also prefer comfort over stilettos.

How about those whose bodies cannot handle wearing heels – at all – due to foot problems like bunions and Achilles heel pains, or swollen feet? What are the chances that orthopedic shoes will pass their standards? In addition, heels not only affect us physically but mentally as well. The pain brings nothing but negative thoughts.



To make up for lack of girliness, go for shoes with laces, bows, floral designs and feminine colors.

Certain shoe styles and the amount of foot exposure can contribute to the femininity of your outfit as a whole. The shoe vamp is where the shoe cuts across your foot at the front.  The lower it is, the more your foot is exposed and flattering it looks. Not that high vamps make you more boyish. It just depends on how you wear it.

Ankle booties also come in flat non-heeled styles and are a versatile piece of footwear that puts together great outfits. Here are 10 ways to wear ankle boots:

babble ankleboots

Even Dr. Martens can be girly. When paired with the right staples such as neutral colored plain tops, denim, and skirts.  Loafers may look manly but actually results in a generally classy, preppy look for less dressy women.  The tops and skirts/pants you choose contribute to your overall look which is usually broken down to 75% tops and accessories and 25% footwear.

Wearing dresses with sneakers are in, especially white ones. Make up for lost height with platform slip-on sneakers without compromising comfort. Some designs can even make you forget heels were even invented.

Sole Survivor

Femininity, sophistication, and success aren’t about how long you can stand and teeter on elevated shoes. Aside from not worrying about looking like a damsel in distress, flat comfortable footwear makes me ready for a situation that calls for running, whether it is after a bus, taxi, briskly walking under the rain or just rush hour in general. In addition, this lessens your chances of developing foot and heel ailments.

Call me cliché, but beauty radiates from within. Wear what you are comfortable in.Even China is done with their foot binding days, so why should I bear the consequences of squeezing my feet in heels?

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