Twitter Users Shared Inspiring and Touching Tweets for International Women’s Day

The Scoop: People from all over the world celebrate the annual remembrance of gender equality. Some even posted inspiring and touching tweets to mark the day that, in the end, man and woman are equals.

March 8 is the day to celebrate International Women’s Day. The time where women commemorate the time where they finally made a stand for themselves. This frees them from the constant oppression and inequality that women experienced in the past.

Women are also human, they have their own feelings and their own mind. Therefore, being able to be free from the prison of stereotypes and assumptions that women sometimes have to go through, is a gift.

To commemorate the courage and determination of ordinary women to do great things, Twitter users shared inspiring tweets for the day with #InternationalWomansDay.






Happy International Women’s Day!

Even Google is celebrating the day by featuring the event through Google Doodle. They showcased 12 stories of female artists from all over the world. Not only that, they are also inviting other women to share their stories using #HerStoryOurStory.

So what’s your story for International Women’s Day?

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