Top 3 Impressive Non-Samsung or Apple Smartphones

The Scoop: The reign of mobile devices is still ongoing and it seems that it’s not stopping anytime soon. However, the best phones of today are either out of your league or out of your budget. Don’t fret because impressive non-Samsung or Apple smartphones exist.

Smartphones are getting hotter with each year. This is due to the exciting fact that every new release of smartphones such as Samsung and Apple. Both companies give their all to provide amazing and impressive features as the product of the future. It is cooed over and celebrated by many people everywhere the minute they are launched.

Unfortunately, as sad as it is, the truth hurts because there will always be people who couldn’t afford to have those phones. Either those units are not available in their country or they don’t have enough funds for it.

However, don’t lose hope. There are impressive phones on the market that are more affordable and more within your reach. What’s more, they don’t have to be Samsung or Apple.

Nokia 6

Nokia 6
Via Pickaboo

Nokia has never let us down in the past before. This phone company is the leading phone company years ago with their famous 3310 phone and Space Impact. However, as the iPhones and Android smartphones begin to rise, they didn’t seem to get ahold of the new trend that took the masses by storm. Now, they are slowly but surely making their way back to the top after being sold to Microsoft.

Other than this brand already spelled “trustworthy” to people, it also one of the most impressive phones to date that is not Samsung or Apple. For an affordable price, you can have a phone that is trustworthy, branded, and with amazing performance.

Google Pixel 2

Another big name in the industry that can offer you one of the best phones for this year! Google isn’t known in the hardware department of the technology world… yet. Already owning Android OS, Google is trying to take a whack in the smartphone industry. Affordable than Apple and Samsung, but check its progress and you will see that Google is gaining fast.

Google Pixel 2 has been rained with praise when it comes to the camera. Moreover, one of the perks of being a Google Pixel owner is that you will be able to receive Android OS updates first before it gets released to other phone models. You can get this now or wait for the arrival of Google Pixel 3 this 2018!

Google Pixel 2
Via YouTube

Sony Xperia XZ1

Sony Xperia XZ1
Via Sony Mobile

And yet another well-known name in the tech world. Sony has been a trusted brand when it comes to electronics such as televisions, radios and more. Now that they also established their smartphone company, they are also one of the best companies to buy affordable yet high-quality mobile phones.

Furthermore, Sony is no pushover. It also offers a range of splendid features, great performance and stunning capabilities that can almost rival the big guys.

Affordable Yet Quality Smartphones

Having a good phone doesn’t have to be branded or expensive. Every smartphone is not made the same in hopes to cater to different people’s preferences. Therefore, other than looking at the price and quality, you also have to consider what you are looking for a phone.

If you are an avid photographer, get a phone with good camera. If you are music savvy, have one with excellent speakers. The list is endless.

So what kind of phone would you want that is not Samsung or Apple?

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