How to Write an Effective About Me Page

The Scoop: One of the most crucial parts of your business website is the About Me page. However, it is also one of the most underestimated pages on a website. Improve your website by creating an effective “About Me” page.

It is no secret that having a website is essential for businesses nowadays. The age of internet on desktop and mobile is so rampant that people are engaging with brands through their devices.

The About Me or About us page is the place where you can get the chance to showcase your company’s capabilities. This is the part where you show what your company is about, who is involved and what makes your company different from other services.

There are plenty of ways how you can write your About Me page. However, what you want is to make an effective page that will attract and retain customers in your service.

Here’s how you can do it.

It All Starts with a Story


You put in the usual information such as how the company started, who are the people involved, purpose, services and more. However, don’t just write it blatantly, express it through a story. Add flavor to your generic approach by writing the struggles on how your company got there, success stories from clients and how you keep on improving your services.

Everyone wants to read a story. No one wants to read boring and jargon-filled content on your About Me page unless they are fellow professional. No. You are creating an About Me page to simple people of varying stands. However, all of them appeal to a story.

Be True, Be Genuine and Be You

Write through your voice or the voice of your company, which depends on your company’s personality. However, one thing is the same. Write your page as if you are talking to a person or a client. This is one of the ways where customers will be able to form a bond with you even before they get to reach out to you.

Moreover, don’t falsify any achievements that you are writing down. Be genuine and refrain from exaggerating experiences and/or happenings. Bear in mind that the About Me page reflects what kind of company and services that you offer.

Include Real Photos


Seal the deal in assuring people that your company is legitimate and is credible enough for customers to engage in. Show photos of real people that are working there. This is also one way of showing the transparency of the company as well as showcasing the establishment’s culture.

You and the people working in the company represents the brand and it is important for customers to also get acquainted with the people there. The more photos, the better.

Refrain from Writing in Third Person

The About Me page is a way where you can establish a connection and a bond with the readers that can be your potential customers. By writing in third person, you will be able to create a rift between you and your readers due to its formal nature.

What you want is to bridge that gap by using a friendly and personal approach such as second person and, preferably, first person. Let your customers feel that they know a human behind the company and not a lifeless establishment just wanting to get profit.

Yellow Leaf Hammocks About Page

Yellow Leaf

One example of an effective About Me page is Yellow Leaf Hammocks About page. They tell a story, supplementing it with pictures and videos which portrays the human side of the business. They also tell how the business started and how it not only helps buyers.

The page not only makes you feel like your making a difference from purchasing their products but you can also feel like you want to just sleep in their hammock and enjoy the simplicity of life. An effective About Me page is about connecting and relaying emotions to the readers just like Yellow Leaf Hammocks had done.

Get to Creating Your About Me Page

The About Me page is just as important as the other web pages that consist your website. However, this page is where people would want to gauge on what type of person/company you have. Whatever you have in your About Me or About Us page can make or break the chances that people will come to you for services.

In the end, it all boils down to preferences, type, and personality of you and your company. Just remember these tips and you’ll be good to go.

So how do you make your About Me page?

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