How to Use Twitter to Market Your Business

When it comes to online marketing, many people do not realize the full potential of social media to market revenue. Especially the use of Twitter. Twitter is a micro blogging service featuring a 140 character “tweets” or short messages. It started as a place where people engage with their followers to share content, news and media. Now, twitter is widely used by marketing pros and business leaders alike to market their brands all over the world.

Introduce Your Brand

Introduce Your Brand

Choose a Good Twitter Username – Every business has a name, it symbolizes their brand, their identity. Your twitter username will appear in every of your tweets and will help people identify your business.

Tell your Story Using the Twitter Bio- Twitter’s bio page should be utilized for the purpose of introducing your company. Usually, a business page’s Twitter Bio includes its business story and the people behind it.

Connect your Company to the World  

Connect Your Company

Utilize Search Tools for Marketing – Use twitter search tools to find customers, prospects and companies related to your industry. When you engage in online marketing, you have to be connected and involved in the industry where you are in. Stay involved by interacting with them on a regular basis.

Establish Your Network – A company won’t succeed without people working together to help build their brand. When marketing your business in Twitter, make sure to follow coworkers, friends and important connections.

Maintain an Active Profile

Maintain an Active Profile

Get Noisy. Start Tweeting – Creating a Twitter account and following people is not enough. Customers are more likely to engage in business with companies who have active Twitter accounts. The best way to get noticed in the online community is to spread noise with your writings, and that includes your blogs and tweets.

Spread Valuable Information – Your tweets will have a huge impact on the face of your company. Tweet smartly by spreading useful information to your target audience. Tweets should focus on what your product can do for your customers, services that will benefit them and valuable information about your industry. This will help you win the hearts of your customer.

Drive Traffic by Linking Your Website

Website Traffic


Link your website in your tweets to drive traffic and turn these into leads. This can be the tricky part because you only have 140 characters to make people visit your blog. You can add keywords in your tweets so that they can appear in different search engines. When tweeting about your website, make sure to tweet in an appropriate and professional manner.  Also, it will help if you add a twitter timeline to your website or blog. Most blogs can now be customized with a twitter widget where readers can read your recent tweets.

Ask help from friends – Don’t be afraid to ask your followers to retweet or favorite your tweets. Shared tweets have more chances of getting noticed in the web. You can return this favor by retweeting their posts as well.

Twitter – The Future of Business?

Even in its early stages of development as money making company, Twitter proves to be an influential and promising marketing tool. Twitter not only helps you stay connected in your target market but also develops your brand and company’s presence in the online community.

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