How to Turn a Prospect into a Business Partner in 5 Minutes?


If you think it sounds impossible, think again.

I’d like to share an inspiring story I have read from Entrepreneur. It’s a story of how a successful business owner who sells olive oil reached his dreams. The owner of Pure Mountain (famous gourmet olive oil business) wanted to expand. He approached the bank and hoped for the best. However, the bank denied his loan. Surprisingly, who would have thought his loyal customer would pave way to his success. And the rest of the story has become history.

At the start of your business, you have to admit it is the hardest. You have to create a good plan, not to mention be prepared with all your needs including your financial. As a rule of the thumb, you must not skip this part. Otherwise, your business will fall into pieces. Picking them up can be difficult.

Get Set
Yes, consider it joining in a race. In the realm of business, you have to learn how to compete. Every entrepreneur or marketer wants to be on top. They wanted to prove to the market that the product or service they are offering is simply the best. Think of a better marketing strategy in order to draw more customers and potential clients to your business. Remember, your customers are your lifeblood.

Now, this stage is crucial. In keeping the business going is not easy. You have to think of even the craziest idea only to draw more potential customers and prospects to your business. Your goal is to make it bigger and successful. After all, this is your dream, right? There are times when you need to expand your business. How do you do it? While some business entrepreneurs fail to see what’s at the end of that rainbow, there are those who still believe that they can make their business bigger. (You have to meet the demands)

If there’s one thing I have learned from reading that article, it’s about not relying on just a simple handshake. Would you believe that it would only take 5 minutes to turn that prospect into a business partner? Here are the steps on how you should do it. If you’re ready, so am I.

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Step 1: Introduction (1-2 minutes)
Say you’re at a coffee shop and saw a potential business partner having his morning cup of Joe. Do not hesitate to approach him and introduce yourself and your company. Have a little introduction. This wouldn’t take too much of your time.
Step 2: Bring the weapon out. (1-2 minutes)
I like the idea of how most business entrepreneurs still do not ditch business cards. As a matter of fact, they would not leave their homes without it. Hand it to this potential business partner and begin the conversation. Be sure to make this small card truly represent your business. I came across with Businesscardking. They have interesting designs that can lure more prospects to your business.
Step 3: Handshake (1 minute)
Don’t talk too much. You have to learn how to value their time too. After that little introduction of your business, little chit-chat, you’re good to go. Although it all lies to their decision, your job is to how you deliver the message. However, if you weren’t, let your business card leave that piece of your business in his wallet.Let me know on the comments below how you were able to capture that prospect.

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