Helpful Guides: How to Purchase an Aerial Lift Online

Aerial lifts and aerial lift parts are versatile. They’re valuable pieces of equipment for handling various tasks. They’re quite different from the standard forklift, as these lifts can easily access hard-to-reach places. Do you want to know how to purchase an aerial lift online?

Depending on the type of lift, they can reach high shelves and working areas — even go up and over obstacles and enable material and cargo movement on many different surfaces. You’ll find some lifts come with stabilizing legs for better security and safety for your employees.

You can find aerial lifts in different industries. They’re in warehouses, manufacturing environments, construction sites, and even in emergency rescue situations. Their uses are diverse.

If you’re looking to purchase aerial lifts and their parts over the internet, then there are some factors that you need to know the answer to before locking down on one.

Here’s a helpful guide that can help you learn how to purchase an aerial lift online

How to Purchase an Aerial Lift Online

Before learning how to purchase an aerial lift online, there are 4 factors that you need to know before beginning your search:

  • What’s the working height?
  • Do you know the weight capacity?
  • What’s the horizontal treach?
  • Are you working outdoors or indoors?

Answers to those questions can help you know how to purchase an aerial lift online.

#1 Compare the costs

Prices of aerial lifts can vary, depending on the type of the lift, how far it should reach, the weight it will be elevating, and the type of engine to be used to power its activity. Aerial lift prices range from $5,000 – $80,000. If you properly maintain it, an aerial lift can operate for several years with hardly any issues.

You can purchase a used aerial lift online, as the second-hand ones have all the same options and benefits just as the new equipment does. If you do decide to purchase second-hand lift equipment, ask for maintenance and records and check the hours of operation. Remember to compare the number of hours against the age of the machine to see how much it’s been used in the machine’s lifetime.

#2 Ask for or check the specifications

In learning how to purchase an aerial lift online, it’s important to identify what size, drive system, and power source that you’ll need. Knowing the specs, you may find that it changes your initial understanding of the type of lift that will best meet your requirements.

  • Size: Size of the lift matters, especially when you restricted or tight working areas. Lifts that are narrow enough to access small working areas don’t necessarily mean the lift will be operational once you get it there. Smaller lifts cost less money, of course. But they may have operational costs as well.
  • Power: In learning how to purchase and aerial lift online, picking the power source depends on the worksite. Is it indoors or outdoors? Electric power sources are good for working indoors. LP or propane power sources are suitable for outdoor working situations. And diesel power sources are great for rough terrain. You can also opt for a hybrid or bi-energy power sources.
  • Drive systems: Drive systems are determined by whether or not you’re going to operate the lift. There are track drive systems, towable ones, a 2-wheel drive, and a 4-wheel drive. The drive system itself doesn’t reduce or increase the cost of a lift. The type of drive system is normally dependent on the purpose of the lift.

#3 Consider accessories and attachments

Aerial lifts have attachments and accessories. They can considerably increase the functionality of an aerial lift. They can turn one piece of equipment into a valuable asset for many different types of jobs. Accessories you can consider purchasing might include:

  • Welding packages: Welding packages for aerial lifts are mounted and installed directly on the platform. Workers won’t have to assemble and take up separate tools to perform the work. The welder itself is wired into the lift’s power supply.
  • Cutting package: A cutting package on an aerial lift has the saw held by an onboard hydraulic manipulator. This way, your workers can cut with ease and accuracy. Hoses and water lines are located along the power track to supply power and clean up capability.
  • Panel carrier: This means a trough mounted on the outside of the platform that workers can slide panels of drywall or other material.
  • Pipe rack: This accessory gives “off the platform” or deck storage for conduit and pipes. It frees up working space on the platform, while also adding safety by removing tripping hazards and keeping workers from bending over all the time to pick them up.
  • Deck extension: This particular accessory increases the productivity of any lift by adding workspace and an “up and over” reach capability.
  • Glazier packages: This one enables your crew to their work and glass materials to the job site safely and efficiently. It also lets you do effective work while in the air.

#4 Ask dealers questions

While you work for an aerial lift dealer online that meets your needs, be sure to discuss items. Yes, weight capacity and working height are critical. But it’s also important to find out how your personnel will learn to use the equipment. 

Learn what keeps them safe, what sort of training is available, and what will long-term maintenance look like. Ask them if repair and warranty packages are available.

Ask them about:

  • Safety features: Ask the online dealer what sort of safety features would come with the lift. What sort of features can be purchased from the manufacturer as an option before delivery, and which type of accessories or attachment are okay after purchasing. If you’re the employer, your workers’ safety is your priority.
  • Training resources: Lots of aerial lift manufacturers and parts sellers offer online trainings. Make sure you evaluate the online ones to see if they meet your safety program requirements, and especially OSHA’s.
  • Courses: Ask the dealer or manufacturer if they offer classroom or course training. In-person training is proven effective, and can be better than online training.
  • Warranty: As incentives to purchase, dealers might offer warranties — both on new and used aerial lifts. Ask what’s available in the model you’re eyes, and ask them what they can offer you.

The Takeaway

Deciding that your business needs aerial lift equipment is one thing. But deciding on the right type of lift to meet your needs is something else, and you have to look out for options, features, and expectations.

So learn how to purchase an aerial lift online to find ones that come at reasonable prices.

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