How These Video Games Trolled You While Playing

The Scoop: The internet is full of trolls. There’s no doubt about that. However, no one is safe. Not anymore. Even in games, the game itself trolls the players.  Here’s how some video games trolled you while playing them.

Trolls on the internet really like to play with other people by messing them up. They would try to get in their heads and make people fight against each other. Others destroy worlds in games all because they want to laugh find amusement in people’s misery.

Although not all trolls are evil like that. Some troll for some good-natured laughs. Who would have thought that games are also capable of trolling the people that play them? Whether it is from a bug or on purpose, it is a troll all the same. Some can be annoying, some can scare you while some might even impress you.

Check out some of the video games that trolled you while playing and messed with your head.

Note: Some of the contents of this article can be a spoiler alert if you haven’t played the games here but wanted to.

Street Fighter 2: Happy April Fools

sheng long
Via YouTube

When Street Fighter 2 was released in the arcades, it had been an instant hit. Many people lined up so that they can beat both the computer and the other players as well. However, all were intrigued when they heard Ryu’s winning quote “You must defeat Sheng Long to stand a chance.” Sheng Long, other variants being Shen Long, is apparently Ryu and Ken’s sensei, according to a magazine.

The publication has showcased instructions and even a screenshot that shows Ryu fighting against Sheng Long. However, they left one teeny-tiny detail. It was actually an April Fools edition. Sheng Long was actually a mistranslation from Shoryuken which led to fans believing it to be someone else which gave the magazine an idea for their April Fools issue.

Metal Gear Solid 2: Changing Partners

Via YouTube

Hideo Kojima, also known as the maker of the famous Metal Gear is one of the best and sneaky game dev trolls that walked the Earth. He really knows that a lot of people are in love with the awesome Solid Snake and he used it to make one of his most infamous trolling so far.

He and Konami teamed up to make the trailer show players that they will be playing their favorite character. However, when the game was released and players finally get to play, they were surprised to find that they are actually playing another character, Raiden. Raiden wasn’t in the cover or in the preview… or is he? This all leads down whether you are paying really close attention to the previews or not then? Still, sneaky, sneaky Kojima.

Ghost ‘N Goblins: Unending Ending

Via YouTube

There’s not only one person who griped about how hard Ghost ‘n Goblins was. If you have plenty of master skills and patience and a few more to spare, then you might be able to finish this game. However, too bad for you because the ending was not the ending. Just when you thought that you’re finally done playing you are notified that that ending is an illusion. To make it short: that was a fake ending.

You will be starting at the beginning of the game again however, the enemies became more difficult to beat. However, if you are still determined to fight the excruciating fight towards the supposed end, Kudos to you. Unfortunately, you shouldn’t be expecting something extravagant when you get to the end. A simple thanks and another request that you challenge the game is all you get. Are you still going to challenge?

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: Poop

legend of zelda
Via DualShockers

You can’t believe that a beautiful game such as Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild can troll their players. Well, better start believing now because the game just did. There are plenty of things to do in the game. Quests, mini and side quests, exploration. However, one activity tickled the curiosity of the players. The 900 Korok seeds.

That automatically started a barrage of questions in their heads. What do they do? Why 900? Is there something special when you collect all of them? They got something special alright. They got cr*p. Sh*t. Those weren’t expletives but those were meant literally. Yep, you got it. You will receive a special unthrowable, undroppable and uncookable poop.

Undertale: Almost Everything

Via Know Your Meme

Undertale is one of the most unique and amazing games that I’ve ever played. Normally in RPGs, players are encouraged to beat up enemies all around them to gain experience and levels. Even if you saw a choice that lets you spare your enemies, that ain’t happening because you need the exp and gain lv, right? Not only that this game questions your morals it also trolls you really good.

With its trippy fourth-wall breaking characters you really might think that the characters know that they are in the game and that you are a player. Furthermore, the fight scenes with two(or three) of the great bosses are ridiculously impossible but doable. This game has tons of trolling from Omega Flowey making you believe you beat him and Sans for sparing him only to kill you in the end after all that sweat, tears and blood.

Trolls and Their Sense of Humor

If you call that humor. However, these trollings are rather harmless(not) and can be a great conversation starter as well as render a laugh or two from you. Just as long as these trollings don’t border on being creepy, we’re good.

So have you had video games trolled you while playing them? Share them here!

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