Earn from your Smartphones Now: 5 Highest Paying Money Making Apps

The Scoop: As the saying goes, money doesn’t grow on trees. We love our gadgets and we need money, why not combine the two together? Using your mobile devices, start earning real cash with money making apps.

Earning money is no easy life. It also doesn’t help that life sometimes makes matters worse for your financial situations.

How can you make ends meet then? Earn more money! However, how can you pull that off when you have little to no time for it? Never fear! Earning more money doesn’t have to render to you close to death from more work. You can use your love for your smartphone to do that job for you.

Many apps and programs on the internet are paying people money but how sure are you that they are from reputable sources?

Then you might want to check these apps then. Here are some of the money making apps that you might want to use to earn a little money on the side.

Cash for Apps

Cash for Apps

If you have a penchant for browsing new apps in the apps store, then why not earn money from it? Cash for Apps is a good place to start doing so. You will be able to receive points when you try out new apps. Collect 300 points and you can exchange it for $1!

Mode of Redemption: Gift cards from Google Play, iTunes, Amazon, Starbucks, and more.

Try it by downloading the app from their site.

cashKarma Rewards & Gift Cards

cashKarma Rewards & Gift Cards

Earn Karma points from watching videos(up to 50 videos per day), downloading apps, shopping for deals and more. You can also invite your friends using your referral codes to earn more points. Check in daily and get achievements and milestones that can boost your scores.

Mode of Redemption: PayPal or Amazon Gift Cards.

Get it for your Android.



Previously a web-based money-making program, Tapporo migrated to mobile. Earn cash prizes by performing activities such as downloading free apps to earn ORO coins. The app also offers high referral rate at $0.60 per successful friend invite.

Mode of Redemption: PayPal, Gift Cards from Google Play, Amazon, and more.

Test it out on your Android, iOS or Desktop.



CashPirate has been known to be a reliable source of money from money-making apps. Download the app, sign up, and earn points by watching videos, completing offers, invite friends, and trying out free games. You also get 10% of your referrals earnings and 5% of the referrals’ referrals earnings.

Mode of Redemption: PayPal, Gift Cards or Mobile recharge

Download it on Google Play Store. For iOS users: use their partner app, Gift Panda.

App Karma

App Karma

App Karma is one of the best money-making apps that you can get. Other than being available for iOS and Android, it is also available internationally, which means it caters to other countries and not only in the US. There are a variety of rewards that you can choose to claim as well.

Mode of Redemption: PayPal, Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, and more.

Snag some karmas using your Android. For iOS users, get a friend to invite you.

Earning Money Becomes Easy

Note that engaging in these apps doesn’t guarantee that you’ll become a millionaire. Furthermore, some of these apps require time and patience to build up your points before you get to exchange them for cash.

Earning is money is easy, but not too easy. Don’t switch out your jobs for these apps and, if you have free time, you can use it to earn money instead.

So are you ready to earn using your trusty mobile phone?

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