Guide In Choosing Your Wedding Transportation

Wedding is considered one of the most important aspect in couple’s life, thus, it must be prepared and planned carefully. Everything should be perfect…from what dress to wear and food to prepare to the reception and wedding transport.

Wedding cars are one of the important visual aspects of a wedding that needs to be planned carefully. Figuring out what wedding transportation to use could be tiring. There are so many factors to consider before you decide to book your wedding transport services. But getting it right can complete your perfect wedding.

Before you dive in the planning process of selecting your wedding car, these are some to the tips to help you choose your wedding transport smartly.

Wedding Cars According To Style And Theme

Wedding Cars

Choose a wedding car that will compliment the style and theme of the event. It is crucial part of the selection process because the car you will choose can either add glamour to your theme or destroy it.

  • Vintage wedding never goes out of fashion. The best compliment for this theme is a car from the period of 1919-1930.
  • If you are aiming for a timeless theme, classic weddings are perfect for you. Choose a classic car. These cars are popular cars but are no longer in production. Classic cars are usually from the period of 1940’s to 1970’s.
  • Modern Classics. This theme is a combination of both classic and modern and the car of choice could be modern cars with classic makes.
  • Modern. If you are pulling off a contemporary style of wedding then modern cars is the right choice for you. These cars are the late model of luxury limousines and vehicles that are best for weddings.

Picture the Scenario

Wedding Scenario

Imagine the scenario in your wedding day. Figure out how many people you are going to transport and how far you are going to travel. You would also want to consider how long that you are going to use car for this event. Are you going to use the limo for the entire time of the event or for pickup and drop off service only?

Protection And Preparedness

Wedding transport

The company you should choose for a transport service on your wedding day should have some sort of protection from other elements. You don’t want to get your dress ruined when unfortunately it rains or in case your train gets stuck on the car door. Your transport car should have blankets, umbrellas and should be spacious enough for your dress. Moreover, ask the service company if their chauffeurs can dress accordingly to the event.

Know Your Budget

Wedding Budget

This is probably the most crucial part of the planning process. The whole package of your wedding transport will depend on how is your budget. Ideally, your budget can be adjusted to suit your needs but even if you are on a tight budget make sure that get what you pay for.

Are There Added Extras?

Wedding Transport Complementary Service

Look for a transport company that offers a complementary service. Most company offers a bottle of champagne for the journey as a part of their package.

The Best Of The Best

Best Wedding Transport Service

Reputation is the key. Take in consideration the recommendation of family members and friends or you could search for reviews for previous customers. Book through a reputable and trusted transportation company. Reputable company have more options, reasonable prices and you can be assured that your get quality out of what you pay for.

Book Early

Wedding Transport Booking

If you think that you have chosen the right wedding transportation company that could cater your needs, book early for you advantage. Usually, good packages are those that run out fast so it’s better to book and as early as 18 months before the event to get the best service. Lastly, don’t forget to confirm date, time and direction to avoid miscommunication that could result to a wedding disaster.

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