Google Nexus 6 Review: Bigger and Bolder Smartphone

With so many speculations of its release, the Nexus 6 finally revealed itself last week. Aside from its size, this powerful phablet-sized smartphone is also running the latest and considered the greatest version of Android yet – the 5.0 Lollipop. This phone is also the supersized version of Moto X, which is already no surprise given that Motorola designed it. There is also no denying that it is shaping up to be one of the formidable smartphones out there with impressive specs. Here’s the rundown of what’s in store for this new phone.

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Google Nexus 6 Review: Bigger and Bolder Smartphone 2

Design and Display

The Nexus 6 is 3.27 inches wide, which will take your both hands to properly operate it. It has the same curved design with some of the recent Motorola phones, especially the Moto X. It is also heavier than other Android phones at 6.5 ounces. With an almost 6 inches screen this is excellent for gaming. With a decent 493 ppi and AMOLED panel, which means it can match the Note 4 for true blacks and vivid colors. AMOLED screen turns off completely all the black pixels and help in extending the battery life.

Key Features

Boasting its 2.7Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 Snapdragon quadcore processor with an Adreno 420 GPU. It is the top of the line chip for Google’s largest Android phone yet. Also, backing that up is a 3GB RAM with a reasonable 32GB to 64 GB of internal storage. The downside is, there’s no microSD slot and its battery is not removable either. However, battery life is very impressive and get the extra bonus of Turbo charging and can give you six hours battery life from a 15-minute pit stop.

The Google Nexus 6 has 13 megapixel camera which is surrounded with an attractive circular LED ring flash. Same with Moto X’s camera, it wasn’t exactly what I hoped for. The shots are quite favorable and still highly competitive.


Well, honestly, Nexus 6 is an impressive phone, yet not a great phablet. You could certainly purchase this with no regrets but you can treat yourself with Galaxy Note 4. Its gigantic size outs this phone into the phablet category although this lacks some of the extra enhancements to make the most out of this phone. If you are used to smaller phones like iPhone with apps, the Google Nexus 6 will take some serious when getting used to.


  • Quad-HD resolution

  • No bloatware (Google version only)

  • Excellent photo quality

  • Dual front-firing speakers


  • Too big

  • Phone’s plastic body is slippery

  • slow focus with video recording

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