More Than Violence: Games for Change Fights Against Trump

The Scoop: The heat regarding the battle against Trump’s point-of-view against video games still goes on. Camp Trump showcased their collection on how violent video games can be. Games for change also showcased that video games are more than violence.

Trump is still unforgiving when it comes to video games and the topic that video games are bad for encouraging violent behavior on players. Anti-video games also created a compilation which features the violence of video games. Check it out for yourself.

It is clear as day that Camp Trump is showcasing video games as negatively as they can that they even uploaded it to the White House YouTube channel. It is unlisted though, so you won’t be able to search it manually.

With regards to the compilation, you can say that YouTubers were not happy with it too.




However, pro-video games people didn’t just sit still and twiddled their thumbs while video games are being attacked like this. Games for Change is a non-profit group that uses games and technology as social activism also made a move by making their own compilation. See it for yourself.

Their compilation consists of the beauty and the other elements such as fun, love, adventure and more. This depicts a story that video games are more than violence.

And, of course, you can see YouTubers and users alike backing this up.


Which Side Are You On?

However, if I may say my piece, I’ve been playing since I was little and had a fair share in playing both violent and non-violent games. And those games didn’t shape my behavior in any way.

Of course, it is different for everyone. You only know yourself and how video games are affecting you. No one knows what the outcome of this debacle will lead. So we’ll just have to wait and see.

So what do you think about these compilations?

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