Easter 2015: Get Inspired With The Beginning Of New Faces For Business Card Designs

Easter is just around the corner and it is the time of the year that opens doors for new beginnings and opportunities for individuals and even industries such as Business Cards.   It is a festive celebration that brings great inspiration for business card designs that would truly showcase businesses’ creativity and uniqueness.   For the past few years, printed business cards have been consistently evolving to properly represent the image and branding of businesses.  Innovation in the business card designs trend has been on the hike since 2012 and from then on numerous styles, methods and patterns have been developed and implemented to bring forward the best of what there could possibly be.

Given today’s technology, many would question whether having unique and interactive printed business card designs would still matter to promote business because having social media and online advertisements would suffice. Well, the answer is yes.  These wallet-sized business cards still pose a great and relevant role in building business’ integrity and impact on the society. With a unique, interactive and freshly designed business card on hand, nothing could ever go wrong. You could even engage in a conversation, build a connection to prospect customers and from there you could be anywhere as long as it stays in your wallet. Plus, it is something that is personally handed to you which could mean more that what it seems.

Then, another question would be asked, what could be more to business card designs?

Interesting question, well I came across MEDIANOVAK and found several patterns that are helpful and relevant in creating business card designs. These patterns involve both creativity and technology to develop designs that are astounding in a lot of ways and when you can imagine it, let the spurt of technology help you through it. Check out these pictures below and let your imagination work through these inspirations!




There are other methods or strategies that can be considered in designing business cards that could never run out through time.

Method#1:  Create Seasonal Designs.

Adding a seasonal touch (like Easter!) to the designs, you can build amazing designs that would easily catch the attention of your prospect clients using seasonal festivities. This will also remind them the time they got your card. Check out this Easter-inspired business card!

Easter Business Card Template

Method #2: Informative But Not Too Much Revealing.

Reflect information that will draw customers to your business. But leave some space for inquiry so that you can have the chance to convince personally and engage quality conversation with one another. From there, your business will be never be forgotten.

Method #3: Use Alternative Materials Aside from Paper.

Be artistic! There are other materials that could work perfectly for your business cards such as: metal, plastic and rubber. Utilize materials that would best suit your business, the product/services that you’re promoting and of course, your personal information. Let your inventive mind work! Below are pictures of different business cards out of different materials and see what difference it would make!

Metal Business Cards
Plastic Business Cards
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