These Young Digital Nomads Prove Ideals Aren’t Just Dreams

While most of us could only dream about leaving our corporate jobs behind, more and more people are already living their ideals and are chasing after new horizons.

They are today’s digital nomads. They are travelers and workers from different countries, backgrounds, and lifestyles. These folks prove that yes, it’s possible to earn while wandering around the world. It just takes a little bit of planning – and a lot of courage.

With millennials taking over a huge percentage of the labor force, it’s not surprising that ‘digital nomadcy’ is gaining better traction. For this generation, freedom from the norm is a BIG influence on their decision to switch from corporate to unconventional. Although the change is not easy, there are plenty of success stories from millennials in various industries.

Dreaming about becoming a digital nomad yourself? Excited to chase after your own passions in different cities across the globe? Look to these young folks for inspirational stories on how they made it work.

1. Aileen Adalid, Entrepreneur

This 24-year-old is living the dream: a business of her own, plus an award-winning blog, and cash to cover trips around the world. Aileen Adalid discovered she wasn’t cut out for the regular 9 to 5, so she quit her day job and took her savings to become a remote worker. You can say that that experience stirred her wanderlust. Soon enough, she began her own private label business, Adalid Gear, and traveled more.

Hello from Bandung, Indonesia! ✨? #AileenInIndonesia Shot by @camiejuan

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Aside from her business, she also earns from various ‘affiliate partnerships, sponsored posts, and social media shout-outs’. Aileen also partners with brands and tourism boards. This is one of her many ways to save during her trips. Even with a busy schedule, she makes sure to go out and explore other cities and/or countries at least once a month. She’s been to France, Indonesia, Belgium, Japan, and Norway, to name a few of her previous destinations.

2. Libryia Jones and daughter

The life of a digital nomad isn’t only for singles or the childless. If you’re going to see the world, who says you can’t take your family with you?

This is exactly what mother and founder of My Wander Year believes in. Along with 30 other participants, Libryia Jones and her daughter have embarked on a journey to discover four cities in four different continents. They just began their pilot project this year (beginning August 2016 until July 2017), but are welcoming anyone who’s already interested for their next trip.

To make this huge endeavor work, Libryia has teamed up with 10 others to ensure those involved will have little to no worries. She shares that this has always been her dream – not only to join digital nomads but to allow her daughter to experience it with her as well. Why does Libryia do all this? Simple answer: love.

3. Tomy and Marina, Power Couple

The pull of wanderlust is often so great – it takes two people along with it. Enter power couple, Tomy and Marina of For Tomy, joining the world of digital nomads came naturally as he always dreamed of freelancing around the world. His challenge though, was convincing his sweetie, Marina, to join him in this adventure. Eventually, the couple took their work on the road.

Made a quick stop at #KorsoKrymska in Prague. Who’s cuter, teddy bear or pumpkin? ??

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Although traveling together as digital nomads look like fun, both agree that it has its own share of specific challenges. Aside from financial issues, homesickness, and joint projects can often make the experience tricky. However, this couple’s positive outlook on the future is enough to get them by.

Their advice for pairs who want to venture into the unknown?

“It’s just hard to make the first step and get out of your comfort zone. Trust me, after that you’ll never regret that you did it.”


Digital Nomads Abound

Feeling the pull of wanderlust? Wishing you had more time to pursue your pastimes?

You’ll never know unless you try digital nomadcy for yourself. Before you leap though, learn as much as you can and make good friends wherever you can. Just because this lifestyle promises freedom and time doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Any job – whether it’s remote work or a corporate gig – has its fair share of demands. In order to know if this is right for you, the only way is to dive in (hopefully, with both eyes open).

So, what do you think?

Ready to join today’s digital nomads?

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