Dealing With Your Limo’s Stuck Door

Perhaps one of the most frustrating things which you will encounter while doing a limo service is when its door won’t budge and open. This unfortunate thing is one big dilemma for most limo chauffeurs. Expectations will dropped low for customers. And for sure they will be disappointed with the quality of service.

So if you happen to get stuck with this situation, it is important that you are able to handle and troubleshoot these problems. A limo chauffeur must be versatile with all things. And among those details required, the expertise in fixing things should be included in the package.

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Why Your Limo’s Door Won’t Open

It is locked

Before you go doing some drastic things with your luxury car, make it a point that you check its lock. See if the door is sealed with it. There are times when people forget that detail. They go in complete panic and get paranoid when they can’t open their limo easily. So be observant with this detail when your luxury car happens to freeze shut in such situations. Presidentialluxurylimo already encountered these things.

Seat belt is jammed

There are rare situations wherein you will have trouble in opening the door of your limo. After checking it out if it’s locked like what you did in the first tip, be open with the possibility that the seat belts might be jammed with the latch or door edge of your limo. To be sure with that suspicion, you’ll need to check if the seat belts are really stuck within the edges or the latches. Most windows in limo are tinted and shaded with dark intensity. You will have a hard time in checking this thing. But you can always have the aid of mini flashlights actually. Aim this little thing on the other side of the window. Point it out on the direction where the latches are located.

If you are positive with your suspicion, then all you need to do is to put extra force in shoving and pushing the limo door. This will prompt the seatbelts to drop off from the latches. Once you get rid of it, then your limo door will be back to normal again.

Mechanical Failure

If your car door won’t open and doesn’t have any problem with its latch, then perhaps the mechanical part of it may be damaged or something. This could be a loose or broken rod or cable connecting to the non-working door handle. Have the panel removed so you could work on with the mechanical details in your limo’s car. If you’re not quite sure with what you are doing, then have a limo mechanic to check what’s wrong with it. Try this tip in case there’s no one available to check the limo in your company’s area.

Rustic Hinges

Remember the times when you carried out some shuttle service in a rainy or stormy day? The limo might be clogged with water or ice. The hinges are most likely to be the infected part. So you will need to apply some grease to lubricate the rust and make it sleek again when you attempt to open it.

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