Common Wedding Planning Blunders You Need To Avoid

We can’t deny the fact that wedding planning is an arduous task to do. There are so many things you need to consider to make everything perfect. As human beings, it is normal for you to make mistakes. Even the most organized and well educated couple with the most nurtured relationship is susceptible in making mistakes in planning their wedding. However, in planning for weddings there is a just a little room mistakes and too much could ruin the whole wedding celebration.

So here are top 5 wedding blunders we’ve compiled that soon-to-be-wed couples needs to avoid in making their wedding celebration as perfect as possible.

Not Following The Plan

wedding plan

So you are engaged….Congratulations! The feeling of getting engaged might be exhilarated but do not get overwhelmed with all the emotions. Make sure not to let your emotion get in the way of wedding planning. As much as you desire to make your wedding perfect, you need to stick with your plan. For how many times you have seen viral wedding bloopers and videos and for sure you don’t want that to happen in your own wedding, so make sure you stick to your plan. Remember, not sticking to your plan is the same as not having a plan at all and you know what they say about not having a plan?

“Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

Spending Without Budget

wedding budget

Basically, the first thing you should consider in when it comes to actual event planning is to decide how much money you will spend for the whole event and which wedding details should you put on top of your budget list. Common wedding budget includes the venue, the wedding and entourage dress, the caterer, the wedding transportation and the cake. But aside from these things, there are still a lot of things you need to consider. Setting a budget cannot be done overnight, you need to think it over and over again before you can finalize it and move to the next step of planning.

Neglecting Legal And Religious Requirements

marriage license

Legal and religious requirements are important matters you should put extra attention to. Without these your wedding will be useless and a wasted effort. Make sure you go over the process of getting marriage licenses before you start planning. Legal requirements for a wedding may vary depending on where you are planning to marry. Additionally, it is equally important to comply with all the requirements imposed by your religious affiliations. Make sure to find out about their rules in holding wedding ceremony like the dress code, choice of music and pre-marital classes.

Sweating On Small Stuff

wedding mistake

Too often, couples may get so wrapped up with the details of their wedding to make everything perfect. But what they do not know is that because they are worrying too much, they already have missed the real essence of the wedding. Planning your own wedding is a stressful task but do let yourself sweat off over small stuff. Who cares about flowers that are one shade off or your brother is wearing a tie that does not matches the wedding theme. You are marrying the love of your life and you are starting a life together, that’s all that matters.

No Back-Up Plan

rainy wedding

The problem with most DIY weddings is that they fail to come up with a backup plan to save the event from disaster. No matter how organized and how well-detailed you plan your wedding, there are still things that are out of your control like weather or sudden equipment breakdown. So having a backup plan is as essential as your original plan. During your big day, you can’t afford to handle other mishaps so your best bet to avoid wedding day headache is to have a backup plan where you can easily and quickly solve the problems just as soon as they exist.

A wedding is the start of a long-lasting marriage and as much as possible we want it to be as unique, special and memorable as possible. That is why we need to be extra careful in planning for the wedding. Soon-to-be-wed couple needs to arrive in every decision about the wedding smartly to avoid pitfalls and missteps.

Perhaps, one of the best decisions that you can make to ensure everything will be perfect in your wedding day is to get the services of wedding event organizers. They will take care of the wedding planning to save you from stress. Plus, with their experience, they have enough knowledge on the ins and outs of wedding planning which can make your wedding the most beautiful event in your life.

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