Coffee Spots To Drop By This Winter

Are you recently complaining about the coldness of the weather? Yes, winter is indeed in the air this month. A cup of good coffee is just what you need to warm up the chill you have in your body. But apart from staying indoors and cozying up under the sheets, there’s more to explore this wintry month of December. And there are the places that you have to see to indulge your cravings for a cup of good coffee. Check out these spots below.

Melbourne, Australia

source: worldpropertyjournal.com
source: worldpropertyjournal.com

This city is divided into different villages with different cultures. And since that there ‘s variety, you will also have a lot of option of good coffee when you go into this place. People in here love a good drink of coffee, latte and milk. And they have several exhibits to give you a taste of their fragrant drink.

Reykjavik, Iceland

source: mydestination.com
source: mydestination.com

Decades ago, this place is not really known for their best-selling coffee shops. But since that modernization embrace them already, businesses emerge in this place. And there are several coffee shops who are on the race to produce the best coffee they can give for their customers. So take advantage of this competition and see who’s got a fine tasting drink in their city.

Taipei, Taiwan

Coffee in here is expensive. But it’s worth the penny you spend actually. People brew their coffee in order to bring out more aromatic scent to their product. And you have lots of shops to choose from to have a sip of their specialty. From strong espresso, and grounded beans, you surely won’t lack of options when you manage to drop by here this Christmas.


source: boomsbeat.com
source: boomsbeat.com

Rich in culture, history and tradition, Cuba is also known to serve good coffee. And they bring out the strong ones actually. Try out their Cafe Cubano and cortadito. Cafe Cubano is a shot brewed with sugar while cortadito is a shot brewed with milk instead.

Rome, Italy

source: vanhoutte.com

A place known to serve good food and good drink, Italy also prospers with their coffee industry. If you happen to like your coffee brewed with no sugar, then this is just the perfect place for you to drop by. People in here usually like black coffee and would require no sugar added in their drink.

Vienna, Austria

source: daaam.com
source: daaam.com

Vienna is also one perfect place for you to visit when you want a sip of good coffee. They take pride with their weather, architecture and shops that serve the best fragrant drinks for their patrons and other customers. For first timers, a cup of Wiener Melange is good to start at. It’s an espresso shot topped with steamed milk and milk foam.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

source: staticflickr.com

Take a step with this place and you’ll know what it’s like to savor a cup of good coffee. It is said that this is the place where coffee was born. If you have friends and relatives in here, then most likely, you will encounter lots coffee ceremonies. Coffee is part of their history and tradition. You will undergo the process of making coffee from the very beginning up to its last.

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