Be An Overwatch League Viewer and Obtain In-Game Loot from Twitch

The Scoop: Fans are what makes game playing more exciting and great! Now you can earn awesome rewards by cheering for your team.

Twitch rewards viewers for Overwatch League Season 1. Now that Stage 2 is starting today, Twitch is encouraging fans to cheer for their teams once again with in-game loot to give away.

Since Twitch presented a new feature that recognizes supportive viewers, it is decided that they encourage more viewers in the community to support their favorite players. This also enables viewers to “cheer” for their team. This is done with a special animated chat emote that viewers can buy using Bits, Twitch’s virtual goods.

Here are some of the in-game loot that you can get by being there for your team:

League Tokens: Get them just by being in the virtual stands. Connect your Blizzard Battle.net account with your Twitch accounts. You can also connect your OverwatchLeague.com and MLG.com accounts as well. You will receive one League token with every live map finish. It may not be much but you can also be one of the lucky few that can win 100 tokens by watching the end of the final match.

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Twitch Emotes and In-Game Skins: Take home some exclusive Twitch emotes and In-Game skins that are not yet available in the game. Cheering for your team using Bits gives you a cheering progress. This unlocks hero emotes as well as team branded prizes. You will be able to check how your fandom fares against the others through the Cheering leaderboards.

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And more to come! Brace yourself for the upcoming VIP pass that will enable you to access more in-game treasures, video content featuring behind-the-scenes, and more perks await.


Cheer to Win!

Supporting your favorite team has never been more rewarding than ever. Put on your best team colors and cheer to your heart’s content!

So who’s team will you be cheering on?

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