4 Other Android MOBA Games to Play Aside From Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends’ popularity with the majority of multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) players is well-known. But aside from Mobile Legends, we’ve got a short list of other Android MOBA games to play. Check them out and see if they’re well-worth a test play.

Everyone knows that MOBA games are so far, one of the most famous subgenres when it comes to real-time strategy games. And as more time passes, their popularity increases for both Android smartphones and tablets — despite all the new gaming platforms cropping up.

We’re guessing the majority of it is down to the click-based control scheme that works seamlessly with a touchscreen display. Plus, that modern mobile GPU certainly doesn’t hurt either. Rendering epic battles in HD resolution is easy for modern mobile phones.



It was first released for iOS back in 2014, and later on, released for Android in 2015, Vainglory is one of the most popular Android MOBA games for both operating systems. Powered by the E.V.I.L engine, it’s capable of rendering 1.3 million polygons at 60fps with sub-30ms control responsiveness.

It’s 5v5 game, and each hero in the game belongs in one of five unique categories. There are snipers — great at long-range combat, protectors — they do close-range combat, mages — who use spells to deal damage, assassins — good for reconnaissance work and striking unnoticed, and warriors — characters with stunning physical strengths.

Matches take around 20 minutes and translated into over 20 languages, and is great for both newcomers and seasoned Vainglory veterans.

Ace of Arenas


Ace of Arenas has over 1,000,000 players from all over the world. It’s also one of the most popular MOBA games up for play on Android. The innovative controls that are included make targeting all the easier, and it’s more swipes instead of taps.

The roster of champions to choose from are much like the other Android MOBA games. There are mages, assassins, fighters, tanks, marksmen, and support champions.

What’s good about this is that Ace of Arenas isn’t shy about encouraging new players to practice against the bots before they can feel comfortable going up against real players.

Heroes of SoulCraft


This MOBA game is available for both PC and Android, and is a game developed by MobileBits. It gives players the option to choose from two different gameplay modes: fast paced 3v3 or the longer and more traditional 5v5 battles. Your choice of gameplay mode influences the map that’s available.

Personally, I find that rather convenient. You can squeeze in a quick battle while you’re on your way to wherever for a good five-minute match-up.

Also, during the start of each match, you get to choose which heroes you’d like to play as. And this influences the overall gameplay styles. There are some characters that are action-oriented, while others are great for offering support to other players.

Heroes Evolved


Heroes Evolved is all about delivering the best MOBA experience on Android. It’s known for quick matchups, great controls, and a choice of over 30 unique characters. And much like other Android MOBA games out there, it’s being played by various players around the world. And now’s your chance if you want to join the pool.

Want to try out these other Android MOBA games?

Mobile Legends is fun. But if you want to try something new yet familiar all the same, then you can try checking out these other Android MOBA games.

Who knows, you just might find a new and equally engaging MOBA game to showcase your skills on?

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